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This off price retailer opened its doors in 1972 when Monroe Milstein was persuaded by his wife to acquire a factory outlet in Burlington, New Jersey. It is the company’s strong belief that the reason for its success comes from dedicated and talented team members. To make a Burlington Coat Factory application and find an application form you can find the link at the bottom of the page.

In the various stores around the country there is the possibility of choice from a myriad of accessories, clothing and shoes for everyone in the family. The company is focused on being able to offer a wide variety like coats, dresses, suits, lingerie, handbags, sportswear, newborn to pre-teen clothes, shoes, linens and much more accessories for everyone, so that you don’t have to go far to have your needs satisfied.

When you apply for jobs at Burlington Coat Factory it is vital to know that the company’s success is due mostly to making value an extremely important part of the process.  The extensive offer of the newest designer clothing, shoes and accessories, as well as other products is made possible through deliberately calculated purchasing of these same products by the company itself.

Burlington Coat Factory careers are an exceptional opportunity for someone who is enthusiastic and committed to work in a passionate environment. The current employees are considered the company’s best recruiters considering how pleased they are working in this environment and how they just love to tell everyone about it. To find out more about Burlington Coat Factory jobs and opportunities follow the link bellow.

Burlington Coat Factory Careers

When making your Burlington Coat Factory application it is imperative to make sure you are aware of all the possibilities you have within the company. There are opportunities being offered in Corporate, Stores and Distribution Centers. If you are searching for Burlington Coat Factory jobs with corporate you must have experience in the field and knowledge of the business at hand.

Employment within the Stores and Distribution Centers requires dynamic, hardworking, motivated and sociability employees who are ready to be dedicated to the job. A fast paced and team oriented environment can be expected as well as an enjoyable and vast work experience.

How old do you have to be to work at Burlington Coat Factory?

The minimum age essential for someone considering Burlington Coat Factory careers is 18. Characteristics like a friendly demeanor, dedication to the task at hand and efficiency are highly valued by this company who strives to maintain a healthy and motivating working environment. This is an ever growing company that has numerous job opportunities at any given time.

Benefits may vary with your job opportunities, among them you can expect healthcare coverage, dental plans, life and disability insurance, employee assistance programs, retirement plans, merchandise discounts and competitive salaries. These may change according to your responsibilities, experience, time with the company and job description.

Hours of operation are from 10:00am until 9:00pm from Monday to Saturday and from 11:00am until 7:00pm on Sunday. When searching for Burlington Coat Factory jobs online be sure to confirm the schedules are in accordance with you availability as they may vary in connection with the necessity of each store. Applying for a schedule you are not available to work should not be an option.

Burlington Coat Factory Job Descriptions

Cashier Associate – The position of cashier associate requires a certain familiarity with computerized cash registers as well as computers in general. A friendly disposition, dedication and hardworking qualities are also of extreme importance. It can be beneficial to have general knowledge within the clothing and fashion industry as it is the business you will be involved in. Wages for this job opportunity can be around $8/hour, depending on experience.

Sales Associate – Employees within this position may work in different designated departments. The tasks included in this job description are greeting customers while shopping, giving information when required, monitoring merchandise on the sales floor and building and moving product displays, among other more department specific chores. Salary for this station can range from $8/hour to $10/hour.

Receiving Associate – The receiving associate works within the shipping department. Among the responsibilities attached to this occupation are operating a hand truck to move, hoist or convey shipments, process incoming and outgoing freight, ensuring trucks are unloaded, helping receive and sort direct cartons when they arrive and other shipping related tasks. Pay for this position may vary but should be around $8/hour.

Manager – Within a managerial job you can expect to perform administrative and supervisory tasks. Overseeing all aspects of retail operations, driving sales, maintaining budget, hiring new people, ensuring customer satisfaction and processing payroll are just a few of the manager’s duties. The salary may vary according to experience and years with the company, but it should be around $47000/year.

Burlington Coat Factory Interview Questions

Why do you want to work with this company? When you are doing your online application take time to find out more about the company itself. This question should be easy to answer as long as you know what company values you find are in agreement with your work ethics and goals. It is the employer’s intention to know what your knowledge of the business is.

Why should Burlington Coat Factory hire you? Within the hiring process this is an important question, one that you should be quick in answering with you best work qualities and what you can bring to the team. It is important to remember to stand out from the crowd as a candidate who is excited to work with the company.

What are some of your future goals? The employer is always looking for a long term relationship with its employees so you should be goal oriented and dedicated. Be honest and reply with how you plan to achieve your objectives.

Can you describe a time when you had to work with a team as a leader? To have an accomplished career you will have to show leadership skills. Use real examples from your own experience and explain how you felt throughout the process.

What would your last superior say was your biggest asset? Be honest in your answer, if you feel you are unprepared to answer this question get in contact with your previous superior and ask what his thoughts are about your work.

How would you manage to motivate coworkers? Try to think about what would motivate you and apply your knowledge and experience to this answer. The employer is invested in knowing your leadership capabilities in order to find if you are a long term candidate.

Advice For Application Process

When wondering how to apply for Burlington Coat Factory online you need only follow the link bellow and take a look at the locations and opportunities there. It is helpful to find a printable application form so you can take your time to gather the information needed for when you apply online. Collect as much of the information required as you can and be honest realistic about your answers.

Making your Burlington Coat Factory job application online is not your only option. Whether you want to make a free application or a direct application there is always the option of going to your local store with your resume and applying on site. In this case you should make sure to download application form to accompany your documentation and work on your attire and presentation.

Once you have made your applications, be it a printable application for Burlington Coat Factory or an online one, keep in mind you should show interest by contacting the hiring manager to know how your process is evolving, but do not overdo it. Remain polite and respectful at all times. Visit the store you have applied for to get to know the place and demonstrate interest.

Be sure to give correct and truthful information and be ready with your company knowledge so that you can ace the interview. Remember to always show gratefulness to the company for considering you for any position and keep a cheerful demeanor and a good presentation so that you stand out from the crowd and are a top choice for the job you are applying for.

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