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Bed Bath and Beyond got its start in 1971 in northern New Jersey. Founders Warren Eisenberg and Leonard Feinstein expanded to 17 stores on both coasts by 1985. The company still continues to grow. To submit a Bed Bath and Beyond application, click the link below. It will be your first step to joining this dynamic team.

The company is an industry leader among retailers that offer domestic merchandise. In addition to Bed Bath and Beyond, other company brands include buybuy Baby, World Market, Christmas Tree Shops, and Cost Plus. Although the primary product offering began with bed and bath items, the company also offers an extensive collection of additional housewares and kitchen items.

The current CEO, Steven Temares, has been in the position for 9 years. His tenure with the company overall is 20 years. A Rutgers alumnus, Temares has made many charitable gifts during his time with the company, including a generous grant to the Neuroscience department of his alma mater. His focus on education extends not only to his personal life, but to the mission of Bed Bath and Beyond, too.

Regardless of position, this company is always looking for ideas to improve from their employees. Bed Bath and Beyond jobs are ideal for those who enjoy and challenging environment full of energy. Treating others as you would like to be treated a key mission for all employees. You can join this dynamic team via online application or printable application for Bed Bath and Beyond.

Bed Bath and Beyond Careers

Retail associates are the core employee base at the local store level. Other positions in the store include bridal and registry consultants, store managers, and stock associates. If you prefer a download application form or printable application form option, see the link below. All store employees will need a solid knowledge base of the vast variety of products offered. A friendly demeanor and helpful attitude are also essential.

Corporate positions include buyers, accountants, marketing specialists, and executive management. These positions also need strong knowledge of the company’s offerings, but also must be able to integrate short and long-term strategies to achieve company goals. Big picture thinkers are a great fit for corporate positions. For more about how to apply for Bed Bath and Beyond online, click the link below.

How old do you have to be to work at Bed Bath and Beyond?

You must be 16 years of age to apply for jobs at Bed Bath and Beyond. Some positions may also require additional education or certification to apply. It is recommended you apply for Bed Bath and Beyond jobs online.

Full-time positions come with a comprehensive benefits package. Options include medical, dental, vision, and prescription insurance coverage in addition to Flexible Spending Accounts and a 401K plan with company match. Paid holidays, vacations, and personal days are also included. Discounts at all brand stores are available to both full-time and part-time associates.

Bed Bath and Beyond Job Descriptions

Accountant – Individuals who join the Controllers group as accountants have many responsibilities. These include reviewing monthly balance sheets and expenditures, liaising with other departments, and completing ad hoc projects as necessary. Median annual salary for accountants is $64,000. A bachelor’s degree in accounting is required to apply. Candidates holding CPA certification are preferred.

Assistant Buyer – Product and current trend knowledge are the foundation qualities of a successful person in this role. Responsibilities include building vendor relationships, supporting the Buying staff, marketing strategy development, and merchandise selection. If you are interested in Bed Bath and Beyond careers such as this one in the corporate division, to apply online find the link below.

Customer Service Representative – Bed Bath and Beyond offers assistance to their customers 24/7. If you have exceptional computer skills, are attentive to detail, and have a charismatic phone demeanor, check out the link below to search for Bed Bath and Beyond jobs in the customer service department. Median hourly wage is $15 for customer service representatives.

Area Loss Prevention Manager – This person will be responsible for handling all aspects of loss prevention within an assigned territory. In addition to the loss prevention duties, they will also coordinate safety programs and liaise between the company and law enforcement, if necessary. Apply online to submit your direct application. Median annual salary is $77,000 for this role.

Sales Associate – These employees are responsible for selling merchandise, answering questions, operating the checkout line, and addressing stock needs. This position is a great entry level role with opportunities to build a solid product knowledge base. Customer service skills are critical for this role. Median hourly rate for sales associates is $10. It’s a free application, so start your sales career with the company today.

Bed Bath and Beyond Interview Questions

What challenges might you face in a retail position? Be sure to understand the job description and responsibilities of the position you are applying for. Especially if you do not have previous relevant experience, an understanding of the responsibilities can help you to overcome that vacancy on your resume. Some locations may also have specific challenges. Showing an understanding of these challenges can impress your interviewer.

What are your salary expectations? This can be one of the trickiest questions to answer in an interview. Do your research about on compensation plans for the position if you choose to answer with a specific number. You can also opt to ask the range for the position and let the interviewer know if that range is acceptable.

What is your favorite product offering? The company offers a vast array of products. Be familiar with what products are on the shelves. You don’t have to be a subject matter expert for every item, but a familiarity with what is offered it important. This is an opening to show your sales talent. Pick an item and sell it to the interviewer with enthusiasm.

What is your greatest professional accomplishment? Showcase what skills you have developed in your answer to this question. Demonstrating your pride in your achievements will tell the interviewer what kind of asset you might be to the company. Similar to the question above, enthusiasm is a key element to answering this question as well.

Why should we hire you? Sell yourself to the interviewer with this answer. Don’t just list your skills or regurgitate the job opportunities description. Make your answer rich with examples, if possible. Show your interest in the company and be specific. Research the company’s mission statement and speak directly to those principles.

Advice For Application Process

Read the Bed Bath and Beyond application carefully. Not only is it important to provide all the information requested on the application, but it is also important to bring all required materials to the interview. Don’t be caught without a key piece of important documentation when it’s been asked for. Show them you will always be prepared when working for them.

Provide truthful answers, but avoid interjecting any negativity. If you have been fired or downsized, be brief on your application. You can provide longer, more nuanced, explanations in your interview. This also applies to requested salary information. If the application asked for your desired salary, it is perfectly acceptable to answer “negotiable” and leave the specifics for later in the interview process.

Provide a cover letter with your employment application submission, if possible. This will give the hiring manager a better sense of who you are and how you would fit with the company than simply providing your work history. Although some hiring managers may not review cover letters, you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to frame yourself as a good match for the company if they do.

Review your social media imprint, especially while you are job searching. You are presenting yourself as a professional in your applications and resume. Be sure a search of your online imprint is consistent with this image. Be sure your imprint is genuine, but perhaps your sister’s 21st birthday photos do not need to be reviewed by potential employers.

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