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You won’t find a company with a richer or more traditional history. With time-served commitments to service, quality and community, your Bob Evans application is the first step in developing a career that both challenging and ultimately fulfilling.

It was way back in 1946 when Bob Evans opened his first restaurant. It may have had only 12 stools, but he soon became known for his home-cooked meals and warm hospitality. The same values are applicable now, more than 50 years on, as guests are provided with quality meals in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, at great consumer value.

The company’s core values, including teamwork, honestly, tradition and quality, ensure that employees enjoy the Bob Evans experience as much as guests do. Staff members are supported and encouraged to develop their talents internally, allowing this company to be one of the best reviewed options for employment in the food retail industry.

The company is traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol ‘BOBE’. As well as operating restaurants in locations spread across the United States, the BEF Foods segment of the business is a major supplier of frozen products such as sausages and side dishes, under the Bob Evans name.

Bob Evans Careers

The job opportunities in restaurants attract applications from hard working, enthusiastic and ambitious people from all corners of the country, such is the reputation of this progressive company. If you have a passion for serving your local community whilst adding reams of experience to your own resume, direct your Bob Evans application here.

New Albany, Ohio, is home to the company’s Corporate Headquarters. This wing of the business is regularly hiring talented and innovated professionals to add to the team. Job roles in this area are diverse, ranging from HR Representatives to IT Support and Purchasing Coordinators.

How old do you have to be to work at XYZ?

You must be at least 16 years old to apply for jobs at Bob Evans. It is advised to check any other specific requirements by reading the job description on the Bob Evans jobs online website – you will find the link below.

Bob Evans careers come with generous benefits. These include life and disability insurance, medical and dental plans and also up to 6% matched contributions to 401(k) retirement schemes. Employees and their families can also enjoy dining discounts, whilst yearly bonus opportunities are rewarded for good performance.

Restaurants will tend to operate the same hours every day of the week. These are usually something in the range of 7am to 9pm, though this can vary from store to store. Employees are expected to be available when required, though managers are able to be flexible in most cases.

Bob Evans Job Descriptions

Host/Hostess – Guests will remember yours as the first smile they see when they visit. Your hospitality and helpfulness is key to promoting the customer dining experience, which has the effect of encouraging repeat footfall into stores. Hourly wage is in the region of $7 to $9. 

Server – You’ll need to be able to assist with the preparation and serving of some of the best home-cooked food around. Great customer service skills are essential, as is an ability to take accurate orders and calculate bills and change. Servers are paid between $4 and $8 per hour, but this is heavily supplemented by tips. 

Shift Leader – You will need to be an effective leader and a likeable coach, responsible for meeting or exceeding objectives and providing a customer experience of the highest standard. The performance of a shift will be down to you, reporting directly to management. Pay starts between $10 and $13 per hour. 

Restaurant Manager – As General Manager, you will be responsible for the overall operation of your own store, including employee development and profit & loss accountability. Your staff will look to you as a teacher as well as a boss, and it will be your responsibility to ensure that they develop into the next generation of management. Salary can range between $31k and £46k per annum.

Bob Evans Interview Questions

Hiring managers use questions like these to get a feel for how you might fit in:

Have you ever been involved in community projects? Serving hard-working communities is an important value to the company. If you can’t think of anything straight away, you can answer by talking about something really simple – like helping a neighbor, or working with a charity at school. 

Have you worked somewhere where safety is important before? Safety is an important aspect of any job. It is very unlikely that you have worked somewhere where this has not been a key responsibility. Draw on any experience you might have and don’t forget to explain why you think safety is an import thing to focus on in the workplace. 

How would your previous responsibilities be put to use here? No matter what your past experience is, you can always tie them in to a new role in some way. Organizational skills, a good attitude to safety and any leadership or teamwork experience are really good things to discuss here. 

What made you interested in Bob Evans jobs? Your interviewer will want to hear that the promise of career progression is what drives you, as well as a passion for providing a quality service. Talk about all the good work that the company does, and how you would like to be a part of it. 

How flexible is your availability? Due to the shift patterns worked, someone who is able to put themselves out at short notice will always be preferred over a direct application from someone who can only work certain hours. Don’t forget that managers will always be flexible with hours, as long as you can be too.

Advice for Application Process

There is no ‘download application form’ facility on the company website. In fact, there is no printable application for Bob Evans at all. To submit your free application, you will need to apply online – to find out exactly how to apply for Bob Evans online, please follow the link below.

Remember to take care when completing your online application. It is important to be clear and concise in giving any information, and you should be able to demonstrate any skills or experiences that you list. Treat it like a printable application form, double-checking for any errors before submitting.

If your application is accepted, you will likely receive a phone conversation from your local restaurant first, possibly inviting you for an interview. These are generally short and informal – a brief chat with your prospective manager. Job offers may be made on the spot, or up to a couple of weeks after the interview.

You should dress smart-casual for your interview, and present a clean and professional appearance. Speak clearly and confident when asking any questions, and do not forget to thank the interviewer for his or her consideration. Do you research on the company and be prepared for any questions on the company’s history, ethos or business model.

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