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The slogan “Real Savings, Real Fresh”, highlights the company’s commitment to provide excellent customer service and quality produce. They do this by hiring energetic and exciting new talent to promote their values and goods. Your BI-LO application could be the ticket to joining this hardworking, enthusiastic pool of talent.

Since conception in 1961, BI-LO’s values have strayed little from when founder, Frank Outlaw, promised availability of anything a family needs, at the greatest value possible. Although well-established in the South, the company now operates over 200 stores across the United States, promoting their belief of ‘savings without sacrifice’.

BI-LO prides itself on the positive working environment maintained in all of its workplaces, based on the belief that employees should feel as fulfilled as their customers if their creative talents are to be fully utilized. Paid training and career progressions pathways are ample, making this company one of the most desirable employment destinations in the sector.

BI-LO is a subsidiary of Southeastern Grocers, included alongside Harveys and Winn-Dixie grocery stores. Together, these companies form one of the largest grocery retail chains in the country, collectively employing over 70,000 people across the United States.

BI-LO Careers

A career in the retail industry can be rewarding and fulfilling, with job opportunities for energetic people with a passion for helping others. BI-LO jobs in store locations offer a chance for the right candidates to learn, grow and develop on a professional level.

There is also a diverse range of BI-LO careers available with the Corporate Office based in Florida. Here, your job description could be anything from IT support or HR management, to the operational responsibility for a whole district.

How old do you have to be to work at BI-LO?

You can apply for jobs at BI-LO when you are 16 years old, although some more senior positions will require that you are 18 before sending any applications. Some positions may also carry some minor stipulations on manual handling ability or strength.

A range of employment benefits are on offer, with associate discounts and tuition reimbursement included with a competitive pay-scale. 401(k) contributions are matched by the company, and there are also some heath packages available.

Typical store opening hours are 0600am to 0000am Monday to Saturday, closing at 2300pm on a Sunday. Some roles can work outside these hours – Night Filler duties, for example.

BI-LO Job Descriptions

Associate – Though an entry-level position, the development potential can be vast if you have the right commitment and enthusiasm. Exception customer service is your immediate task, helping to maintain a friendly and helpful shopping experience. Wages start around minimum, but can be between $8 and $10 per hour.

Department Manager – Working in this role is like running a small business inside a larger one. You will hold the managerial responsibilities for a sales department such as fresh, frozen or pharmacy, incorporating the core company values into the experience you offer your customers. Hour rate is usually found to be around the $10 to $13 mark.

Store Director – Service and quality are yours to be showcased in your very own store. You can help build and innovate the company by ensuring the encouragement and development of your hires. Store Directors can command a salary anywhere between $57k and $72k per annum, usually dependent upon performance and/or store size.

Program Manager, Category Pricing – This corporate role is based at the Store Support Centre in Jacksonville, Florida. An effective pricing strategy is crucial to the success of any retailer – this is where your talents and experience could become a primary mover in the profitability of the business. Salaries are negotiable and dependent upon experience, but there is potential to earn between £60k and $90k per annum in this position.

BI-LO Interview Questions

Interviews can be a daunting prospect for some. Practice answering these questions first:

What kind of service do you think our customers expect? Grocery retail companies keep high standards of customer service. Show that you are aware of this and of the expectations BI-LO has of employees.

Do you know much about our supply chain? This is where you need to have done your research. Your interviewer is wondering how in-depth your prior investigation into the company’s operations has been. This information is always useful too – knowing the wider picture of how the company networks with the rest of the world and the environment is important.

What do you like doing in your spare time? Hobbies can speak volumes about a person. Making sure that you are up-to-date with current affairs is often common advice, as it shows someone who is conscious of the world around them. Hiring Managers will usually like to hear about creative and expressive activities, or practicing team sports.

Which department do you think you could best improve in your local store? Really, this question is designed to ascertain if you have actually taken any notice of the goings-on in a store before. Talk about a range of departments and how you could employ principled entrepreneurship to increase value creation for the customer. Don’t just reel off things you dislike and would change.

Describe a time when you have handled a conflict well. You don’t have to have stopped a runaway train. Just talk about an argument you have mediated, or a tension you might have resolved between friends or family. Your answer to this question is particularly important if you are interviewing for a leadership or management position.

Advice for Application Process

You may choose to apply online or make a direct application in your nearest store by taking in your resume. You will find that there is no ‘download application form’ facility on the BI-LO website, however, so you will be unable to obtain a printable application for BI-LO. The link to the BI-LO jobs online site below will explain how to apply for BI-LO online.

Care must be taken when filling in your BI-LO

application. Be sure to fill in all required fields fully. It is sometimes advised to visit your local store and talk about available positions before you submit an online application – as well as offering an insight into the store, your prospective manager may also then look out for your name.

Your free application may result in an interview with a hiring manager. Now you have a chance to sell yourself directly and talk about what you can bring to the table. Dress to impress, and behave in a professional, polite and friendly manner – an attitude that the company would expect you to have, should you be eventually chosen for the role. Remember to study your own CV, as you won’t have a printable application form to reference.

Interviews for entry-level positions are usually short – you may even get a decision or job offer before you leave the building. For more senior positions, a second interview may be required if your first is successful. From the time of application to a decision on the outcome, the whole process can be completed in as little as two weeks in most cases.

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