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Capital One

Capital One Financial Corporation is the eighth largest bank holding company in the United States, specializing in consumer finance including savings, credit cards, mortgages, and auto loans. A Fortune 500 company, it trades on the New York Stock Exchange as part of the S&P 500 index. Its headquarters are in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia.

The company began as a spinoff of Signet Financial Corp in 1994. It pioneered the business of mass market credit cards through mail, quickly growing into the U.S. Postal Service’s fourth largest customer. This enabled it to experiment with bulk mailing discounts previously not offered to corporate customers of the USPS.

Monoline credit card companies typically struggle after a financial downturn, but Capital One has survived thanks to its innovative use of customer segmentation and direct marketing strategies. Since 2005, while other monolines were being acquired by larger banks, this company successfully ventured into retail banking and expanded abroad, with subsidiaries in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Today the company operates several distinct divisions. Auto Finance focuses on rapid auto loans sold directly or through dealerships, offering quick approval online. Capital One 360 offers online savings as a branchless bank. Level Money is an electronic consumer budgeting application. This article explains how to apply for Capital One online, so complete your Capital One application today.

Capital One Careers

If you’d like to work in a bank branch serving customers in person, you can apply for jobs at Capital One in eight U.S. states and the District of Columbia with over 1,000 locations in total. Common job titles in branches include Universal Branch Associate or Relationship Banker. There is no printable application for Capital One, so you cannot download application form. Multiple online applications are permitted.

You can also build an exciting career at headquarters. Common positions include Analyst, Senior Associate, and Manager. If you are technology-savvy, you might apply to work as a Software Engineer, Software Developer, or Data Modeler. If you find numbers fascinating you will thrive. Employees say they enjoy a healthy work-life balance as well as collaborating with highly intelligent colleagues in a rapid-fire, entrepreneurial organization.

How old do you have to be to work at Capital One?

Applicants must be 18 years or older to apply for Capital One jobs. In addition, even junior branch posts require a high school diploma or equivalent plus one year of customer service and teller experience. Senior positions demand more extensive experience and training. The firm is now hiring so submit your free application online.

The analyst annual salary hovers around $65,000-$100,000, while managers can earn up to $155,000 or more. Hourly branch staff make about $12 hourly. Capital One careers offer many useful health and wellness benefits as well as vacation, holidays, and leave. Financial benefits include a 401(k), stock options, flexible spending accounts, and educational assistance. Access varies by position. Working hours are usually 9 AM to 5 PM.

Capital One Job Descriptions

Universal Branch Associates serve customers as tellers in addition to selling financial products in the branches. They must process deposits, withdrawals, and other transactions according to standard procedures. While building relationships with retail and small business customers, they should also refer customers to non-branch business lines such private banking and financial advisors. Even branch jobs require you to apply online.

Relationship Bankers are local customers’ main contact at a branch. Responsibilities include advising customers on appropriate financial products to meet their needs and teaching them how to use different channels such as online and mobile banking and ATMs. They begin as temporary hires until they achieve certification and move into a formal role.

Business Analysts work in teams testing ways to improve the company’s profitability. The job description includes analyzing business challenges and proposing solutions. They use data to create product, marketing, pricing, and credit risk models that guide company decisions.  You need an excellent track record of teamwork, communication, and business acumen for this position.

Business Managers are in charge of economic research that informs the company’s strategy. With the support of up to ten Business Analysts, they use quantitative and qualitative analyses to understand key economic and industry trends and how these affect the company. They are key advisors to senior management and other business partners.

Capital One Interview Questions

After you apply for Capital One jobs online, prepare answers to these common questions before your interview.

Where do you see yourself in five years? The company offers long-term employment to ambitious candidates who will boost the bottom line. Whether you prefer to develop your career in one area or role such as branch service, or explore a number of job opportunities, emphasize to your interviewer that you want to learn and contribute over time.

Explain a time you provided excellent service. This question has two goals. First, the interviewer wants to know how you define excellent service, and also wants to understand your working style. This is very important in customer-facing positions such as at a branch or call center. Choose an unusually difficult situation to impress your interviewer.

Explain a time when you were asked to deliver results without additional resources. This is a typical behavioral interview question. Always explain the context, what you did, and what the end result was. The interviewer is trying to gauge how resourceful and motivated you are. Think hard about your past experiences and choose an example that really highlights your skills.

Have you ever had to influence a person or group? How did you do it? This question is commonly asked to management candidates. The company is looking for thoughtful leaders who can define a strategic vision and implement it through teamwork. Mentioning data-driven and collaborative approaches would resonate with this country’s “start-up” culture.

Advice For Application Process

To submit a Capital One application, complete a direct application online instead of a printable application form. The first step is searching for jobs and filling out the application and submitting a resume. If selected, you will undergo a telephone screening to learn more about your background and skills. You will also undergo tests about your work experience, work style, and problem solving ability.

If invited to interview, you will be meeting with various potential managers or coworkers on site. The exact format and number of interviews depends on the position for which you applied. Overall, you will have the chance to share your work past experience as well as ask about the company and career opportunities.

Candidates for data- or software-related positions may also need to undergo some technical exercises, such as solving math problems, explaining statistical concepts, or completing practice problems with relevant programming languages or software. Time may be limited so prepare to think on your feet. Send your online application today. Just follow the link below.

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