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There are over 2000 Jiffy Lube locations in the United States. Each one of these locations are franchise-owned and operated by people in the local community. The Jiffy Lube application process varies by each independent franchisee. You can check out the website for your local Jiffy Lube jobs or stop by to inquire about current openings.

In 1971, Edwin H. Washburn opened the first store in Ogden, Utah. Eight years later, Washburn sold his seven franchises to James Hindman. It was re-branded as Jiffy Lube International and relocated to Baltimore, Maryland. Today, the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell Oil Company with headquarters in Houston, Texas.

The Signature Service Oil Change is the marquee offering, but not the only option on the menu. The technicians can also assist with other services such as air conditioning, air filtration, battery maintenance, brake repairs, and engine diagnostics. Tire rotation and transmission services are also options for customers. They will also toss in a free application of excellent customer service regardless of purchase.

Jiffy Lube University, a combination of supervised and computer training program, is accredited by the American Council on Education for college credit. Technicians are required to pass proficiency testing and the company is dedicated to setting their employees up for success. Customers can also count on the technicians being up-to-date on the latest in auto technology.

Jiffy Lube Careers

Jiffy Lube’s talented technicians are at the heart of keeping the company relevant in the industry. Well-trained with a focus on service sets these employees at the top of the field. The technician position is a great way to get started in the automotive industry. No experience is required to submit a direct application for this role.

Management and customer service advisor roles are also available for those who have less interest in the mechanics of the business. The ability to work well with people and knowledge of the services offered is essential to success in this role. Managers who excel in this role that are mobile can also explore the possibility of becoming a franchise owner.

How old do you have to be to work at Jiffy Lube?

Most locations require applicants to be at least 18 years old. Contact the store for their specific requirements for Jiffy Lube jobs at that location. Qualified applicants can access a printable application for Jiffy Lube below. If you prefer not to use the download application form option, take your resume to your local store to inquire about opportunities.

Many franchises offer comprehensive health plans for their employees. All offer award winning training and the opportunity to earn college credit through the training program. Flexible schedules and employee discounts are also offered. For more specific information on the benefits package, take your printable application form to your local store and inquire during the interview process.

Jiffy Lube Job Descriptions

Technician – These individuals work directly on the vehicles serviced at the individual locations. Oil changes, tire rotations, fuel system cleaning, and emissions inspections are just a few of the services offered. Some locations are also now offering alignment and suspension services. Experience is not required to apply for this role, but interest in the industry is. Median hourly wage for automotive technicians is $18.

Assistant Manager – Those in this role are in place to support the store manager in the operations of the location. Employee scheduling and management, addressing customer questions and concerns, and managing daily financial transactions are some of the responsibilities of this position. Median annual salary for assistant managers is $38,000.

Store Manager – The store manager is accountable to the franchise owner for the fiscal performance and operational logistics of the store. Those individuals is this role should have a talent for providing exceptional customer service and identifying training opportunities in the staff. Median salary for store managers is $81,000 annually.

Customer Service Advisor – Guest experience is the primary responsibility of those in the Customer Service Advisor role. Providing customers with tailored information to help with making informed decisions and maintaining comprehensive knowledge of the company’s products and services are the key responsibilities. Median hourly rate for customer service representatives is $15.

Accountant – Those who work in regions with corporations managing multiple franchise locations may find corporate positions in fields such as accounting available. These individuals may be responsible for a range of operations such as payroll and reporting. Median annual salary for accountants is $64,000. These roles will often work in an office separate from the store locations.

Jiffy Lube Interview Questions

Do you have any experience in the automotive industry? While experience is not necessary to apply, it could be helpful in landing the job. If you do not have professional experience, outline any hobby experience that may apply. At the very least, show your passion for the industry by describing how you’ve followed industry developments even though that may not be hands on.

What is your learning style? Those in Jiffy Lube careers have access to an extensive training program that is not only effective, but also award winning. Education is important to the brand and employees alike. For technicians, the initial on-boarding as well as on-going training has a large online self-paced module program. It may be important to your hiring manager that this is a good fit for you.

Are you a team player? The store will often be a fast-paced environment. Working closely and communicating well with others on the crew are crucial for both smooth operation of the business and customer experience. How well you interact with fellow employees is just as important as how you interact with customers.

How do you handle making a mistake? Mistakes sometimes happen. How you handle a mistake will tell your interviewer a lot about your integrity. Show them you are able to own a mistake if it happens and capable of being proactive in finding a solution in those situations. Give an example, if possible. Remember to connect this ability with your skills that led you to submit your Jiffy Lube application.

When can you start? If you are currently not employed, it is fine to answer that you are available right away. If you are employed, it is courtesy to give your employer two weeks’ notice that you will be vacating the position. While you might be excited to begin your new role, neglecting to give notice may have your new manager wondering if you would do them the same disservice.

Advice For Application Process

As each location is a franchise, be diligent with your research. Some locations link to options to apply online. Check the location specific website for how to apply for Jiffy Lube online. Even if Jiffy Lube jobs online are available, you are not restricted to an online application to seek employment at that location. Regardless of how you submit your applications, be sure to show enthusiasm for the job opportunities.

Customer service is a key component for every position. When you go into the store to apply or for your interview, show confidence and a positive attitude in your demeanor. If the store is busy and unable to talk to you right away, be patient and calm. Take the opportunity to observe the business in action. Remember, you are interviewing them just like they are interviewing you.

Education is also an important company initiative. Consider your personal goals and learning objectives. Does the company’s training style and method work for you? Tell your interviewer why it does. Don’t feel like you know enough about the program to decide? Ask questions about the program. Simply showing interest in the training program will tell the interviewer you are serious about the role.

If you are submitting a paper application, be sure to write legibly. If you can download the application and fill out the fields electronically, even better. Be sure to complete the form in its entirety, including references. Read all fields and follow the directions carefully. This is your first impression with the company, make it a good one.

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