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BJ’s Wholesale Club is a members-only warehouse chain operating in the US. It offers various products including clothing, health and beauty, fixtures and furniture, electronics, outdoor gears and supplies, toys, gas and grocery.

It was originally started by the discount store chain Zayre in 1984 at Massachusetts. Its headquarters is located in Westborough.

BJ’s Wholesale Club, also known as simply BJ’s, has over 200 warehouse locations in more than 15 states across the US. With more than three decades since it started operating, it now employs more than 25,000 people.

The company provides an attractive compensation package to its employees with comprehensive healthcare and insurance benefits. It also offers several financial assistance programs.

People like working at BJ’s because of its outstanding commitment to promote not just professional, but also personal growth. It values employee’s work-life balance by implementing comprehensive staff management strategies.

How old do you have to be to work at BJ’s Wholesale Club?

There is a minimum age requirement to work at BJ’s. You have to be at least 16 to apply for any of its positions.

BJ’s Wholesale Club Careers

Clerks – All clerks are expected to be good in coordination. They handle inventory and logistics. They also need to be flexible, attentive to details, diligent and a team player.

Merchandisers – They are in charge of ensuring that the number of stock in place for each product is right, enough and exact. Ensuring accurate stock levels requires a close working relationship with buyers, good mathematical and management skills.

Cashiers – They interact with customers regularly. Aside from collecting correct payments and ensuring each item purchased is recorded into the system, they also need to develop customer relationship by showing their professionalism and hospitality.

Sales Representatives – They are in charge of maintaining good relationship with the warehouse members. They cater to the general buying experience of customers – from inquiry, to selling and even complaints.

Other common jobs that you can access at BJ’s are warehouse manager, forklift operators, and drivers. Showcase your skills and knowledge when applying, so you can show the company that you fit your preferred position.

BJ’s Wholesale Club Application

BJ’s recruits their employees online. Applicants can browse through the available jobs that they can sort based on location and position.

It is also advisable for applicants to use the company’s website-and-email-based recruitment system. It makes the application process easier and faster.

Fill up the application forms completely. Provide an updated list of credentials and contact information. Incomplete information can cause application delays or disqualification, that’s why it’s necessary to double-check.

Resumes should be direct to the point. Recruiters have thousands of resumes to sort and screen. Highlighting your relevant skills, credentials and experiences will help you stand out. Correct spelling and grammar should also be observed.

BJ’s recruiters conduct their interview through phone or face-to-face. Applicants should always be punctual, well-dressed, and more importantly, knowledgeable about the company and the position they are applying for.

Things to Know about BJ’s Wholesale Club

Employees at BJ’s experience a culture of team work. Having a huge number of employees and store locations in the country, the company maintains its values of integrity and respect for each other.

BJ’s Wholesale Club has appointed Christopher J. Baldwin as its new President and Chief Operating Officer, succeeding Laura J. Sen who is now a non-executive chairman.

The company is capable of providing a flexible membership experience to anyone. This is possible through its products, special offers, store locations, services, and exclusive club brands.

BJ’s Wholesale Club also commits to protecting the environment by funding programs that are in-line with their efforts. These include conservation of trees, use of renewable energy, pro-organic and anti-GMO, recycling, and many others.

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