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Buffalo Wild Wings

A Buffalo Wild Wings application isn’t just the first step to securing a job. It’s the first step to joining a dynamic company with multiple avenues for career mobility. There are three key ingredients to success as this company – wings, beer, and sports. A passion for all of those components makes you a great candidate for a variety of jobs at the company.

Co-founders Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery opened the first of this casual dining and sports bar franchise in Ohio in 1982. The company was originally named Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck, abbreviated to BW-3 by employees and restaurant fans alike, and located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The headquarters was moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1997.  Today, the nickname B-Dubs is more commonly used to refer to the restaurant.

Sally Smith is the current President and Chief Executive Officer for B-Dubs. Under her leadership, the company increased revenue by 16.5% in the second quarter of 2015. The company is expected to close a deal to purchase an additional 41 franchised locations in August of 2015. Although transition costs are expected to impact net earnings for the year, the investment in long-term revenue opportunities outlook is positive.

A Buffalo Wild Wings career offers as much day-to-day variety as their menu. Appealing to both families and sports fans, restaurants across the country continue to receive accolades such as awards for their wings and environment. Click on the link below for more on how to apply for jobs at Buffalo Wild Wings and take your first step to join this award-winning team.

Buffalo Wild Wings Careers

There are a variety of position options in the company’s restaurant setting. These positions range from front of the house operations, back of the house operations, and management. Front of the house positions include servers, bartenders, greeters, and guest experience captains. Back of the house operations, also known as Heart of House, include prep cooks, dishwashers, and line cooks.

Corporate office positions range from executive management roles, marketing roles, to information technology positions. These roles are often located in the headquarters office in Minneapolis. Although these roles may not always directly interact with the guests in the restaurants, the guest best interest stays at the heart of what they do.

How old do you have to be to work at Buffalo Wild Wings?

You must be a minimum of 16 years old to work at B-Dubs. Some positions require a minimum age of 21 years old due to liquor license stipulations. The company is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes all interested to apply online.

Aside from the obvious fun and exciting work environment, submitting a Buffalo Wild Wings application brings other benefits as well. Competitive pay, employee discounts, flexible scheduling, and employee stock purchase plan are just a few of the opportunities. Insurance options are also available. As if the work environment wasn’t fun enough as it is, the company also offers incentive contests.

Buffalo Wild Wings Job Descriptions

Server – This position interacts directly with the guests by taking food and drink orders in addition to handling other requests and answering questions. Servers are expected to anticipate needs of the guests and always represent the company with enthusiasm. Median hourly wage is approximately $9 per hour. This wage is a combination of hourly wage plus tips.

Bartender – Both talented conversationalists and effective multitaskers, bartenders are accountable not only for making server requested drinks, but also for handling the food and beverage needs for the guests at the bar. A successful bartender will often serve as a central communication point for restaurant front of house operations. Median wage including tips is about $9 per hour.

Kitchen Team Member – Opportunities as a kitchen team member range from the preparation station to the grill. These team members work closely, often interchangeably, in a high-energy environment by using clear communication techniques. Candidates should be sure to note any previous experience in a kitchen environment when they apply online. Median annual salary is approximately $21,000 per year.

Marketing Manager – These individuals incorporate a free application of creativity with statistical analysis to develop and execute effective marketing strategies across North America. The ability to partner with cross-functional teams is a crucial skill for success. There may be a moderate level of travel involved with this position. Median annual salary is around $116,000 per year.

Learning & Development Manager – This person will assist the restaurant management staff by providing support and skill development tools. They will build relationships both internally and externally. These relationships include vendors and company operators. Average annual income for these individuals is around $95,000. A higher education degree is often required to qualify for the position.

Buffalo Wild Wings Interview Questions

Tell me about your favorite dining experience at the restaurant. Buffalo Wild Wings jobs are focused on creating a great dining experience for the customer. Show your appreciation and enthusiasm for how the current team has achieved this goal and articulate why you want to be a part of it.

What are the most important characteristics of good customer service? Don’t just list key qualities of good customer service. Provide an example of each that illustrate each. Stories are more memorable than lists. If you have your heart set on one of the many Buffalo Wild Wings careers, make your answers memorable.

How do you cope with demanding customers? Your interviewer knows by now that you are aware of how to apply for Buffalo Wild Wings online. But do you know how to deal with challenging personalities. These situations can get anyone’s blood boiling. Put a smile on your face and describe the most challenging personality you’ve encountered and how you coped. Show your interviewer you can keep your cool.

Do you have any allergies? Many people have allergies to many common elements in a restaurant, especially food products. While this certainly should not disqualify you from eligibility, it is important for both you and your manager to know if a direct application of strawberries to your skin may send you to the hospital. Be honest about any allergies you have and ask questions in this regard about the environment.

How do you feel about a primarily tip-based income? Many front-of-the-house roles will have a tip component to the pay structure. When you submit your application for a Buffalo Wild Wings job online, note if this is the case. Show off your money management expertise with a rundown of how you cope with a cash-in-hand situation. No need to get too specific, just let them know you’re capable of dealing with it.

Advice For Application Process

Through an online search, you may find a download application form option. Read the fine print before downloading or using a printable application for Buffalo Wild Wings. These are often applications for a specific franchise, rather than the company headquartered in Minneapolis. For management or operations positions, use the link below to submit an application for open Buffalo Wild Wings jobs online.

If you are interested in a restaurant position and would rather not submit an online application, visit the local spot in which you are interested pursuing employment. They will provide you with a printable application form in-store. If they do not currently have a position open, they can keep your application or resume on file. Remember, submitting an application in-store is an opportunity to make a positive first impression.

Social media is another venue through which you can connect with the company. You can connect specifically with recruiters via LinkedIn or find out the latest news, including what locations may be hiring, via Twitter and Facebook. To begin your career in the restaurant industry with this innovative company, find the link below and apply online.

Beer, wings, and sports are at the heart of what this company’s employees are passionate about. Responsibilities may vary with the job opportunities, but these three elements are consistent. Keep this in mind whether you are speaking with a hiring manager, recruiter, or future co-worker. Demonstrate your enthusiasm for these core elements and you’ll be working with them before you know it.

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