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The House of Blues is a chain of restaurants and music halls that offer live music concerts. Its headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California.

The live music powerhouse is founded by Isaac Tigrett in 1992. Their first branch was opened in the Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

House of Blues offers a wide genre of music including Hip Hop, Rock, Country, Blues, Pop, Reggae and Jazz. It currently employs more than 5,000 employees.

The company offers employee benefits such as flexible working hours, discounts, hourly salary and live music shows and concerts everyday.

Aside from the fun working environment, the company provides career opportunities to its employees. If you want a career in the entertainment and restaurant industry, this company is for you.

How Old Do You Have to Work at House of Blues?

Applicants who are legal enough to work can apply for a staff position at the House of Blues.

House of Blues Careers

Server. Your job revolves around attending to the client orders. You will be serving drink and food to your customers.

Security. The safety of all clients, diners, staff and artists are in your hands. You are expected to keep the establishment safe and orderly.

Host or Hostess. This job requires you to assist diners and clients to their seats. You are expected to keep them entertained while they wait to be seated.

Marketing. As part of the marketing team, you are in charge of creating promotional tools that help in attractive concert goers and diners to the House of Blues.

Be part of a team that works in a fun, vibrant and lively company. You get to enjoy not only employee benefits, but also your workplace.

House of Blues Application

House of Blues offers employment opportunities that can help jumpstart careers in the industry. Available jobs are listed in their “Careers” page.

Online is preferred, as it is convenient and easy. You can choose to apply using your LinkedIn account or through their online application system.

Whether you apply through LinkedIn or through the company’s online application, you must fill out all application forms completely. Provide the necessary details to increase your chances of being shortlisted.

Aside from completely filling out an application form, you must also create a complete resume. Your resume will help you get the job you are applying for.

Once you are scheduled for an interview, you can start preparing. Study the background of the company and anticipate possibile questions that your interviewer may ask you.

Facts About House of Blues

The House of Blues is not only a venue for music artists to showcase their music, but also for visual artists to show their art.

The company helps artists have a platform to show their talents. The House of Blues became the official venue of the 2016 Boston Music Awards.

The House of Blues also holds venues for charitiy events and fundraising events such as the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation or (IICF).

The company is also known for creating  Music Forward, which is a non-profit acceleration that is dedicated to helping amateur musicians kickstart their careers.

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