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Everyone knows and loves Denny’s. That’s probably because you never fail to find one ready to serve, wherever you are, whenever you need it. The same goes for hiring employees – it you are a friendly individual who is passionate about helping others, your local restaurant is ready to receive your Denny’s application.

The chain can trace its ancestry back to 1953, selling donuts in Lakewood, California after being founded by Harold Butler and Richard Jezak. It has continued to operate a 24hour service since the late 1950’s, and is proud to be available whenever required, providing a quality menu with exceptional, friendly service.

Customers have come to know and recognize the signature Denny’s experience, where breakfast, lunch and dinner can be enjoyed in a laid-back atmosphere with friendly staff. For this reason, working here is equally enjoyable and fulfilling, with the opportunity to chat with regulars and make new friends whilst progressing a career internally.

The company now operates in over 1700 locations across the United States, most of these part of the franchise structure. The company itself is traded on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol, ‘DENN’. The company has signaled an intention to expand overseas, most recently opening outlets in the south of China.

Denny’s Careers

The most frequent job opportunities arise in restaurants. These Denny’s jobs are the front-line in the customer-facing side of the industry, where service is key and quality promotes value. Employment applications from energetic, service-orientated people should be directed here.

When you apply for jobs at Denny’s, you might also consider those available in the corporate division. Here, Denny’s careers can stretch from Business Development Roles to Construction and Operations Management. See how your resume fits in with the job description on by following the link below to the Denny’s jobs online website.

How old do you have to be to work at Denny’s?

You will need to be at least 16 years old before you can submit your free application. Bear in mind, however, that certain positions or management roles are not available to those under the age of 18 years old.

The host of employee benefits on offer includes medical, dental and vision packages, as well as life insurance. 401(k) retirement contributions are matched by the company, although younger employees might be more enamored by the generous staff discount on offer – not to mention a free lunch!

Restaurants are famously open 24 hours. As such, workers should expect to be issued a shift-pattern. This can be flexible, but it is expected that employees will be available as and when required.

Denny’s Job Descriptions

Host/Hostess – You have a friendly, polite manner when greeting customers and showing them to their seats. Consumer satisfaction is your primary concern – making sure that guests will choose to eat at Denny’s again having enjoyed their experience. Base pay is usually around $9 per hour.

Server – Service and courtesy are the hallmarks of your personality. You’ll need to be able to work as part of a team to fulfill customer needs, also requiring good organizational skills for the purpose of taking orders and calculating bills. Pay is generally around the $5 per hour mark, supplemented by tips.

Cook – You are producing the quality food that the company is known for. You’ll not only need to be meticulous and skilled chef, but you’ll also need to be capable of following strict procedures and guidelines to ensure that all food is prepared to the highest standards. Cooks can expect to start on around $12 per hour.

Restaurant Manager – You can direct restaurant operations and consistently meet sales targets whilst promoting the standards and principles of the brand. You can teach as well as lead, with responsibilities for the development of all hires under your charge. Managers can expect a salary somewhere in the region of $41k per annum.

Denny’s Interview Questions

Interview questions are designed to ascertain how you would fit in with the team:

How flexible are you in terms of working hours? As the business operates a 24 hour service, shift-work is common. This employer is looking for someone who would be able to commit to a shift-pattern that may change at short notice.

Would you describe yourself as reserved or outgoing? The company likes to employ friendly and outgoing people in order to maintain the laid-back attitude that customers have come to expect in stores. Describe yourself as a mixture of both – approachable and friendly, but also polite and respectful.

Where would you hope your career would steer you? Any company will always be more interested in candidates hoping to progress internally. Explain what your aspirations are and what skills you would like to develop. Ask about any career progression schemes that the company might be running.

What’s your favorite item on the menu? You should acquaint yourself with the menu before sending your Denny’s application. Your product knowledge is being tested here – something you will need to have in order to effectively assist and advise customers on the company’s products.

Give an example of a time you have experienced poor customer service. The real purpose of this question is to show that you are able to identify exactly what poor service is, and how this can be avoided.

Advice for Application Process

Candidates will need to know how to apply for Denny’s online, as there is no ‘download application form’ facility with which to retrieve a printable application for Denny’s. When you have chosen the role for which you wish to apply online, you will begin your direct application by uploading your resume. After a short questionnaire, your online application will be submitted.

Take care when filling out all the relevant fields. Read everything you have entered twice, especially if you are more used to filling out a printable application form. The questionnaire asks some very basic questions about your experience and availability.

The next stage in the application can vary, depending on location. Some applicants may receive a telephone interview within a few days, whereas other might be called for a chat with a hiring manager at their local restaurant. Most interviews are over fairly quickly, with a decision sometimes given on the spot.

The advice for interviews is to be yourself, displaying as many of the qualities expected by employees as possible. In this respect, be polite and courteous, but also don’t be shy to chat in a friendly way. Confidence will go a long way here – just relax and answer any questions honestly.

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