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Caribbean Airlines is one of the busiest airline companies in the world. Beginning its operations back in 2007, the company offers flexible fare options, aside from excellent customer service.

It originally started as a small airline company incorporated into Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica back in 2006, serving as the countries’ airline. Today it has expanded to providing flights to the US and to South America.

It is currently a growing company with more than one thousand six hundred employees serving more than six hundred flights every week. Caribbean Airlines currently uses Boeing 737-800 planes.

The company provides compensation which includes a wonderful base pay, as well as health and financial benefits. Employees are eligible to life and health insurance coverage, as well as a retirement plan.

Employees who have been with the airline company for years have turned to the benefits, pay, and the numerous opportunities to make a career as the reason why many of them have stayed.

How old do you have to be to work at Caribbean Airlines?

There are a lot of different job opportunities that awaits one who is willing to work for Caribbean Airlines, ranging from security to customer services. In order to get a job, you need to be at least eighteen years old.

Caribbean Airlines Careers

Baggage Handler: People who handle baggage are responsible for loading and unloading cargo from each plane. In order to get this job, one must be physically fit as one would need to push, pull, and remain standing for a long time.

Flight Attendant: During the flight, these would be the people in charge of taking care of the passengers, doing things ranging from ensuring their safety and serving food. Since they are the ones that handle passengers of different nationalities, the company requires applicants to have excellent customer service records.

Customer Representative: These are the people responsible for taking care of reservations and informing the customers of any possible delays or cancellations. Assisting customers and checking their baggage are just some of their concerns.

Security Guard: They are responsible for making sure that everyone remains safe at the airport. Being an airport security guard requires applicants to monitor and screen passengers, as well as secure and patrol areas of the airport.

These are some of the most commonly applied for positions in the company, although they also hire people to work for them as pilots, managers, financial analysts, and operations managers.

Caribbean Airlines Application

If you think that you are qualified for any of the job vacancies that Caribbean Airlines offers, you can submit an application. Some of the jobs will require you to undergo physical and personality tests in order to confirm your character and abilities.

The application process is online, and can be completed through the company’s website.  You will need to create your personal profile on the website interface as you send an application.

Typically, contact information and work history, as well as character references are required in completing the given forms. Ensure that the information that you provide is updated, complete, grammatical, and professional.

The hiring managers will contact applicants either through email or telephone, so make sure that you constantly check your voicemail. If you do not hear anything from the employer after two weeks, place a follow up call.

When interviewed, you may be subjected to a physical examination, especially if you are applying for a flight attendant or security position. Do your best to present yourself at your physical and mental best when you go to your interview.

Facts About Caribbean Airlines

The company provides an opportunity for employees to both grow and make a career out of their jobs. With excellent pay and benefits, as well as a positive learning environment, people have reported that they are happy they stayed with Caribbean Airlines.

The airline company is the first in the region to serve people under the CarbonNeutral program, making it a pioneer in environmentally friendly air travel.

The airlines is known as the national airline for both Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, and currently serves 95% of all flights in both countries.

As the leading airline company in the Caribbean, the airline promotes eco-friendly travel means, as well as care for both its employees and customers.

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