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Cash & Carry, a subsidiary of Smart and Final, is a group of budget-ware house grocery stores. It’s primarily a food distributor for food operators, but it also caters to individual customers.

It sells brand-name and private-label groceries like meat, dairy products, tableware, paper products, janitorial, and catering supplies. Its goal to is to help customers purchase various food products, chef supplies, restaurant supplies, and catering products.

Cash & Carry has been operating for over 60 years in its head office in Portland. It has over 50 stores running in California, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada.

To express their gratitude to their hardworking and loyal employees, the company makes sure that they get a flexible schedule, good salary, health coverage, discounts, 401 (k) retirement plans, and paid holidays.

People who work for Cash & Carry get to enjoy while doing their job because their co-workers are friendly and supportive. Every employee is treated with respect, making them want to work more.

How old do you have to be to work at Cash & Carry

It aims to give customers the satisfaction that they deserve, through professionally-handled services. With that, it will only accept applicants that are at least 18 years old.

Cash & Carry Careers

Freight Crew: The successful candidate will be expected to unload truck deliveries and gather customer orders. His daily task would include bending, walking, lifting, reaching, and carrying items.

Sales Associate: The successful applicant will be assisting customers, clean stores, stock shelves, and do tasks directed to them by the manager or supervisor. His common duties include operating the cash register and loading bought items into vehicles.

Customer Service Representative: The successful candidate will be taking customer calls regarding complaints and inquiries. He will also be responsible for seeking out personnel that can help solve the customer’s problem.

Assistant Manager: The successful applicant will be in charge in the organization of schedules, and supervision of lower personnel. He will also be expected to lead sales expeditions.

Other job vacancies include truck driver, store manager, allocation planner, designer, email advocate, quality assurance leader, general warehouse worker, order selector, customer care analyst, and stock associate.

Cash & Carry Application

Interested applicants must submit a cover letter and curriculum vitae to the human resources office. Selected applicants will then be contacted to go further in the application process.

Applicants can apply online through the company website, but it’s highly recommended that they apply in person as it shows the HR that they are determined to get the job.

Answer everything in the application form. Be sure to provide true and accurate information to have a smooth application process. Paste a clear 2X2 picture in the application form.

Submitting a short resume will increase of your chances of being shortlisted. Long resumes are usually overlooked in the profile pooling because the bulk of information makes special characteristics unnoticeable.

Expect a call from the HR in the coming days. Review your resume so that you can give a clear answer when the interviewer asks you to summarize your education and job eligibility.

Things to know about Cash & Carry

The staff is always busy. Rules can change over time, which is why employees always keep themselves updated with the HR. It has clean and organized environment, making it a suitable place for service.

A new Cash & Carry outlet will be opening in 370 West Paxton Avenue 

Salt Lake City on November 10, 2016. A question and answer forum, and a raffle draw will also be conducted on the same date.

It is known for its dedication to educate its employees. It’s well-noted how this company puts customer satisfaction at priority, which is why they ensure that their staff is well-versed with their products.

Aside from being a business enterprise, they also have a heart for hungry people. Through its Feed America fundraiser, they are helping in decreasing the hunger equation.

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