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Check N Go is a payday loan lender that focuses on servicing all of its customer accounts to provide an integrated borrowing experience. It takes pride on giving assistance to its customers on the whole loan process.

The institution started in 1994 with the goal of giving solutions to financial problems that traditional lenders tend to overlook. For 22 years, it has continued to uphold its image of being a reputable payday loan lender.

To provide its customers with the services they need, the institution operates around 1000 hiring locations to employ competitive workers. The growing company now has over 3000 employees.

The work benefits offered to its employees include healthcare assistance, insurance, pension options, and retirement plans. Performance-based bonuses are also given to entice employees to remain productive.

Employees are able to balance their work and personal life due to the institution’s flexible hour schedules. The work environment also encourages a fun and passionate experience.

How old do you have to be to work at Check N Go? 

Job applicants are expected to be 18 years old or above to be able to work in Check N Go.

Check N Go Careers 

Customer Service Representative: This person is expected to assist the customers in loan applications, answer any inquiries, and help in roadside marketing.

Store Manager: This person is in charge of the overall operations of the institution. The store manager supervises the employees with their task to provide satisfaction to the customers.

Digital or Web Designer: This person focuses on the marketing of the company. The digital designer is expected to create web designs and graphics that will entice customers.

Customer Advocacy Specialist: This person mainly concentrates on creating a positive relationship with the customers. The customer advocacy specialist analyses customer behaviours to determine the reasons for client dissatisfaction.

The institution offers other professional job positions such as area manager, financial reporting specialist, and senior manager. Entry-level jobs are also available.

Check N Go Application

An account is needed to proceed with the application. Be sure to choose Check N Go before filling out the other fields. Job applicants should also choose the specific location of the branch where they want to apply.

The institution uses online application most of the time due to its convenience and accuracy. Sorting out the applicants according to positions and branch locations would be easier. But an applicant can also apply in person.

Applicants should have knowledge on the finance industry since this is an institution that deals with financial assistance. Studying the company and the products that they are offering is beneficial for the applicant.

It would be an advantage if the resume contains jobs that are related to this industry. But do not focus on just listing those jobs. Focus more on how you contributed to your previous employer through that job.

During interviews always keep in mind the company and what you can do for them. Talk only about work and be precise with your answers.

Things To Know About Check N Go

The company’s goal does not end on providing financial assistance alone. Its efforts on having a positive presence to the community can be seen in their advocacies.

Its employees took part on a national campaign for disadvantaged children. They worked together to help in donating 12000 bicycles to the children.

Check N Go is continually doing their best to be more than just a financial institution. They have partnered with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to give out 10000 child photo ID kits.

Their advocates mainly focus on providing children with help and encouragement that may seem to be trivial to some. But the employees believe these efforts of making the children smile is always worth it.

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