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Chevron, an American multi-national gas company, operates in over 150 countries. It offers top-notch alternative energy operations to different locations. It also operates the Extra Mile convenience store.

It was founded in September in 1879 when its name was still Pacific Coast Oil Company. It operated independently until 1906. After it partnered with other corporations, the name was later changed to Chevron. The ExtraMile convenience store came afterwards.

ExtraMile has over 400 franchisers worldwide. It also has over 500 convenience stores. They sell all convenience store items, and also have an ATM machine and carwash within the store.

Benefits in ExtraMile are health insurance, dental and vision plans, paid time-off, flexible schedule, and a generous pay, paid trainings, and 401 (k) plans, depending on the hours worked.

Excellent management is the frontline that makes it a pleasant work place. Apart from that, co-workers are also friendly and supportive towards others. It also has high-class equipment, enabling employees to perform greatly in their job.

How old do you have to be to work at ExtraMile

It has a good reputation for having good-quality products. As such, it needs employees to be mature enough to handle the work in the store. You should be at least 18 years old to work at any of its outlets.

ExtraMile Careers

Gas Station Attendant: The successful candidate will be expected to work cash register duties like receiving customer payments and pumping gas. His work will also include assisting other staff with the stocking and cleaning in the convenience store.

Customer Service Representative: The successful applicant will be responsible for listening and responding to calls about customer inquiries and feedbacks. He will be expected to comply with standards set by the company in performing his duties.

Assistant Manager: The successful candidate will be expected to help the manager in doing operational duties. He will also serve as a human resource when the gas station is short-staffed.

Manager: The successful candidate will be performing operational duties such as opening and closing the gas station, as well as hiring and firing people as needed.

The following positions are also available in ExtraMile: communications specialist, sales associate, assistant sales manager, auditor, business analyst, business development manager, buyer, category manager, claims specialist, office assistant, communications manager, and delivery driver.

ExtraMile Application

People who are interested in the job should submit a comprehensive resume and cover letter to the HR office. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for a series of interviews and exams.

It is strict in its hiring policy. Applicants are required to come to any of their office and apply in person. There is no online application system available in the website.

Application forms will be provided in the respective offices. Be sure to fill in all information. Be truthful and honest in answering to avoid any delay in the filing of application.

Submit a short resume. Office assistants tend to ignore longer resumes. Highlight your achievements in your previous job. Provide references that can boost your chance of getting the job.

When you get a call for an interview, make sure to review your resume before coming to the interview. Dress appropriately, and don’t forget to greet everyone in the building when you come in until the time you come out.

Things to know about ExtraMile

It has high regard for its employees. With that, the management makes sure that they have a stable work-life routine. It’s a nepotistic company since it treats every worker as a family.

Rhonda Morris became the Corporate Vice-President of the Human Resources Department, effective on October 1, 2016. With that, Morris’ duty will extend to managing the company’s Human Resources, Diversity and Ombuds, and Medical and Health Services groups. 

It is known for being a provider of top-quality convenience store items. But most importantly it’s well-noted for being involved in protecting human resources, which is evident by the way they treat employees.

Chevron takes its part in protecting the environment by making sure that their gas and oil services are derived from natural resources. They guarantee customers that they do not extract it from other ingredients that can cause environmental after effects.

Application links

Company:  https://www.chevron.com/

Careers: https://jobs.chevron.com/?utm_source=careersite

Application: https://jobs.chevron.com/?utm_source=careersite

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