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Comfort Keepers is a healthcare company that gives its customers in-home care services. The company continues to uphold its mission of helping people live better lives.

The company’s story began when Kris Clum, a nurse, observed that what her patients needed were non-medical things. With this thought in mind, she started the company in 1998.

After 18 years, it has expanded to over 700 locations in the country. The nature of its services is a delicate one. That is why it only hires employees who are not only skilled, but are also passionate in their work.

The employees enjoy other benefits aside from their salary. Some of these are insurance, IRA accounts, and merit-based raises and bonuses.

Since the company provides services 24/7, it implements a flexible schedule for its employees. They can choose when they can work as long as the required hours are met. This allows them to spend time with their families.

How old do you have to be to work at Comfort Keepers?

The age requirement for applicants to work in Comfort Keepers is 18 years old and above.

Comfort Keepers Careers

Caregiver: This person provides non-medical services to customers such as meal preparations, laundry, and housekeeping. The caregiver also helps customers who require assistance.

Personal Care Aide: This person ensures that the customers or clients live in a clean and safe environment. The personal care aide must have the desire to serve the elderly and disabled clients.

Companion/Homemaker: This person provides in-home support services to customers. The companion or homemaker ensures that the customers are safe and comfortable.

Certified Nursing Assistant: This person works with a registered nurse to provide personal care services to customers. The certified nursing assistant observes the customers and documents these observations.

There are other job opportunities in the company that includes marketing assistant, general manager, scheduling assistant, receptionist, bookkeeper, and client care coordinator.

Comfort Keepers Application

After clicking the “apply” button, the applicant will be directed to fill out a form. The office where the applicant wants to apply will contact him/her to discuss about the application.

The first part of the application can be through online, but the applicant will have to go personally to discuss the latter parts of the process with the management.

The applicant must have the passion and desire to serve the elderly and disabled clients. This is what the hiring manager will look for in the company’s applicants.

Use numbers to quantify the applicant’s accomplishments instead of just listing the job descriptions or responsibilities. Keep the resume concise and direct to the point.

It is during the interview that the applicant can show to the manager how passionate he/she is to work in the company. Be honest when answering the interview questions.

Things to Know about Comfort Keepers

The company provides more than just services to its customers. Its employees are trained to make customers feel that they are not just some clients but a family member who deserves to be taken care of.

Just this November, its branch in Toronto offered its 10-Point Guide to Home Care, a guide to inform people of the different types of care available. This contains information to help families make decisions about care services.

The company makes use of personal emergency response systems to be able to interact directly with the customers in cases of emergencies. These are especially useful for clients who wants to live independently.

The company goes beyond being a healthcare company by granting the wishes of senior citizens in the area. The program called A Senior’s Wish was launched in celebration of the company’s anniversary.

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