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Commonwealth Edison or commonly known as ComEd is a utility company that delivers electricity to the people in Chicago and Northern Illinois.

The company started as Western Edison Light Company. It is one of the many companies owned by Thomas Edison. With innovations and efficient marketing, the company was developed to Commonwealth Edison in 1907.

More than a century had passed but the company continues to grow. Since 2001, its investments in electrical transmission and distributions systems have reached more than $5 billion. It is currently serving 3.8 million customers every day.

Its employees are given benefits aside from the basic salary they receive. These benefits include retirement plans, healthcare assistance, insurance, and paid time off.

Trainings for development are regular events in the company. Employees are also given a chance to purchase the company’s stocks for them to receive dividends.

 How old do you have to be to work at ComEd?

The age requirement for applicants to work in ComEd is 18 years old and above.

ComEd Careers

Associate Engineer: This person is responsible for the engineering and technical tasks. The associate engineer supports the fossil plant operators.

Senior Engineer: This person leads the team in assessments, analysis, and the operations of the company. The senior engineer also gives recommendations and consultations to the management.

General Engineer: This person is tasked to perform critical engineering tasks. The general engineer evaluates projects to ensure it is properly done.

Chemistry Technical Supervisor: This person supervises the company’s team of chemists and chemistry technicians. The chemical technical supervisor is expected to train and motivate these employees.

This utility company also offers other job opportunities such as lead analyst, staff accountant, business development specialist, and account manager.

ComEd Application

The applicant must visit the website of Exelon Corporation, its parent company to view job openings and apply. A user profile must be created or the applicant can use his/her Yahoo account to sign in.

The company uses online application for a faster and more efficient hiring process. It entails lesser time and cost to use this method.

Some positions require pre-employment tests. The applicant must prepare for this by studying the topics and brochures mentioned in the website.

The resume must be organized well for the hiring manager to have an idea of the applicant’s strengths and skills.

The applicant must show confidence in answering the questions of the hiring manager. Most of the time, it is the delivery of answers that impresses the manager.

Things to Know about ComEd

The company’s culture centers on the essence of improvement to exceed the standards of the industry where it belongs.

It recently announced its progress on having a modernized version of the Future Energy Jobs Bill to reduce the costs of the stakeholders. These changes are made to develop the economy of the state.

The company’s Smart Meter, a wireless electric meter, allows more control on the energy usage of the customers. It also responds quickly in cases of outages.

One of the contributions of the company in the community is the job opportunities it offers to disabled individuals. It gives them hope and motivation that these disabilities will not hinder them from succeeding.

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