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Cookies by Design is a baking company that provides baking and food decorating services to its customers. They bake cookies and decorate them in accordance to a theme, holiday, or event.

The company was founded in 1983 when Gwen Willhite decided to start an edible cookie arrangement company in Oklahoma. When her business took off, she moved to Dallas and began franchising the company.

Cookies by Design currently has more than two hundred and fifty branches in the US, with more than a hundred international franchises in other parts of the world.

Workers are entitled to health benefits and retirement plans. They are also provided with a good life and work balance, as well as easy access to promotion and career building opportunities.

People have stayed with the company mainly because of both how they have created a career there and how the benefits and the competitive salary have provided them with a good source of income.

How old do you have to be to work at Cookies by Design?

The age limit varies depending on the position that you wish to apply for. In addition, you may also need a diploma, a degree, or some form of training to qualify for some of the available jobs.

Cookies by Design Careers

The company is mostly looking for individuals who are skilled in dealing with customer needs and are knowledgeable about the food service industry, regardless of their desired position.

Cashier: They are the first people that customers see and so they are the ones that are required mostly to have excellent customer service skills. Pay for cashiers is approximately $20,000 annually.

Baker: The baker is the one that actually makes the products based on the expectations of the company. You will need to also decorate the products you create and arrange them depending on the order. Bakers usually earn $30,000 annually.

Manager: As a manager you will be responsible for the day to day keeping of the branch, ensuring that your store meets corporate office and franchisee expectations. Managers can earn as much as $40,000 annually.

Shift Leader: They work with managers in ensuring that workers are provided with appropriate schedules. They also handle the training of newly hired employees.

Cookies by Design Application

Application is usually sent through the website and rarely through any other medium. Interview protocols tend to be semi-formal.

The online application process is the only way to apply for a job at Cookies by Design. They do not offer any printable alternative, if that is what you are looking for.

The application form requires you to provide basic information, so the only thing to keep in mind is to ensure that what you put there is updated and correct.

A resume may also be attached, and as with your application form it should also reflect your most up to date qualifications.

Interviews are not really formal, although even for entry level positions one must research on Cookies by Design and the industry where it operates.

Facts About Cookies by Design

Cookies by Design prides itself in being a family oriented company, and in providing its workers with a sense of family even while at work.

Cookies by Design has made great efforts to improve on its existing menu, providing more diverse options to its customers with the inclusion of cupcakes.

The company prides itself with its products and the fact that they are homemade and not produced in a factory. Cookies by Design prides itself with being a producer of fresh and well-crafted goods.

They also offer discounts when it comes to social occasions or holidays, such as during Christmas time and Veteran’s Day.

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