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Mrs. Fields Cookies is a popular American snack food franchisor. It is one of the biggest retailers of freshly baked cookies and brownies. It is also the biggest retailer of soft-serve frozen yogurt in the United States.

It was founded by Debbi Fields in 1997 at Palo Alto, California. Today, the company is owned by Famous Brands International.

It operates in more than 300 locations in USA and in another 100 locations in 33 countries with an approximate total of 4,000 employees. Its headquarters is located in Broomfield, Colorado.

Mrs. Fields Cookies, through its current parent company, Famous International Brands, provides its employees with a premium compensation package, including medical and life insurance, 401K, paid vacation, flexible schedule and training opportunities.

Aside from the happy and inspiring work environment, employees love working at the company because it encourages growth and teamwork. The company also implements an efficient strategy, which provides everyone a fair chance for advanced promotion opportunities.

How old do you have to be to work at Mrs. Fields Cookies?

All applicants must be at least 16 years of age to be accepted at any job in Mrs. Fields Cookies.

Mrs. Fields Cookies Careers

Bakers – ensure that products are baked based on guidelines, procedures and protocols set by the management. Previous working experience in baking is necessary.

Production Workers – tasked to decorate and package finished product and can be stationed in different production areas as needed. Entry-level baking skills are necessary.

Call Center Agents – assist customers with placing orders, answering questions and resolving issues. They need to maintain an outstanding communication skills and professional ethics.

Store Supervisors – in charge of the general operation of the retail food business, prioritizing premium customer service and high quality products. Among the key aspects that they also manage are the staff, inventory of supplies, and cash inflow and outflow.

Applicants can also consider other common jobs at Mrs. Fields Cookies. These include as store associate, sales associate, and customer service representative.

Mrs. Fields Cookies Application

Mrs. Fields Cookies has an employment section on its website connected to a third party job hosting website. Applicants can opt to apply online or personally submit their CV in store locations.

It is highly recommended for to apply online as this guarantees easy and fast application process. Applicants just need to sign up to register and fill out the application form. They can also opt to receive job alerts regularly.

When signing up in the website, applicants are prompted to provide username, password and email. It is important to provide a verified email account.

To increase your chances of getting an interview, submit a resume, which is easy to read, free of grammatical or spelling errors, and contains all important info like relevant work experience and educational background.

To increase the chance of getting hired, prepare before going to the interview. Knowing the history, products, procedures and current news about the company will increase your chances of leaving a good impression.

Things to Know About Mrs. Fields Cookies

Every Mrs. Fields product is a delight to its customers. In the same way, the culture in this company continues to be positive and delightful. They always work as a team to achieve the common goal of customer satisfaction.

The company also made a big change when they decided to move from malls and opened up stores in the streets. Around half of its shops opened up outside malls. You can find them in locations shared by TCBY, a popular frozen yogurt chain.

Mrs. Fields Cookies is best known for its custom blend of vanilla and chocolate cookies in 10 different flavors. It is one of the most popular snack food franchises in and outside America.

Aside from helping fundraising programs, the company also contributes to the community by giving back in various social responsibility programs under Famous Brand International.

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