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Houlihan’s prides itself as a restaurant that creates quality food and drinks made with fresh ingredients. The items in their menu range from steaks to wines and cocktails.

Paul Robinson and Joe Gilbert founded Houlihan’s back in 1972 in Kansas City, MO. The company was originally a men’s wear store in the seventies until it expanded and turned its attention to restaurants.

Today, Houlihan’s is one of the most successful restaurants in the US, with more than a hundred branches in the whole country, although a majority is scattered in the Midwestern area.

Some of the benefits included in working at Houlihan’s include health and dental insurance, as well as a 401(k) retirement plan, tuition reimbursement, and travel discounts.

The company prides itself in focusing on “happy hour” and “good tunes”, which they promote by providing a positive working atmosphere to their employees, while at the same time taking care of them by ensuring that they have healthcare insurance and good pay.

How old do you have to be to work at Houlihan’s?

A majority of the jobs that Houlihan’s offers is centered on catering to customers and serving them directly either through waiting on their tables or cooking their food. Applicants must be at least eighteen years old in order to work for the company.

Houlihan’s Careers

The company also serves alcoholic beverages, so their standard age requirement for applicants is eighteen years old, which is also the requirement set by law. The most important qualities that an applicant must possess include great communication and people skills.

Although it is not an official requirement, people who have experience in the industry might not only receive better pay, but they may also be given more advancement opportunities in the company.

Server: These are the people who are mainly responsible for keeping customers happy during their stay at the restaurant. They anticipate customer needs, provide menu options, and offer suggestions to customers when necessary. Although the basic salary is at $4.00 an hour, this can increase up to $21,000 annually due to tips.

Dishwasher: What makes this job a challenge is not the task of washing dishes itself, but the fast paced nature of the job. Applicants must not just be able to properly clean kitchen equipment and utensils, but should also be able to lift at least twenty pounds, and they be fine with standing for eight hours while on the job.

Host/ess: They greet customers as they enter the restaurant, and are responsible for seating customers. Those applying for this job should be comfortable with phone conversation and in processing orders to-go. The basic salary starts at $9.00.

Houlihan’s Application

The process of application is mainly online. The company offers no walk-ins for the initial application. The company’s website provides a guide through the application process.

The careers portal of the company website provides a list of all vacancies, including a description for each. If you are qualified, you can submit through the website basic information about yourself, as well as your preferred working locations.

You can submit a resume by uploading it, keeping in mind that the resume should be up to date. Ensure that everything you put in the resume is clear and honest.

If considered, you may be asked to present yourself in person. Keep in mind that smartly dressing for your interview is important, and you must always maintain professionalism.

Ensure that you are already aware of the company’s most basic information, and that you are able to discuss with the interviewer related knowledge concerning the industry.

Facts About Houlihan’s

Houlihan’s promotes itself as having a positive working environment, and people have had a lot of positive things to say about the company as a whole.

Recently, Houlihan’s has introduced their use of organic chicken and greens in some of their branches. This means that the animals used by the company are not fed with drugs, but are instead fed with USDA certified organic vegetables.

Houlihan’s is becoming more known for this movement towards the use of organic vegetables to feed the animals that it uses for its meals.

It has received certification from the US Department of Agriculture, and its efforts to keep the animals that it uses on an organic diet as a progressive move.

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