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Crowne Plaza is one of the brands of InterContinental Hotels Group, which provides hotel services to its customers. With over 400 branches worldwide, it is one of the fastest growing hotel chains in the industry.

The hotel was originally called Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza. It was first opened in Rockville, Maryland in 1983, but it was only in 1999 when the first Crowne Plaza hotel was opened.

For over 33 years, it expanded to more than 65 countries. Four hundred branches are currently operating worldwide. Most of these hotels are found in the big cities of each country.

The employees are provided with a generous employees benefit package. They enjoy competitive medical, dental, and disability coverage, retirement plans, and paid time off.

The company also motivates its employees by providing discounts on the company products. This allows them to travel with ease. Bonuses are also regularly given to qualified employees.

How old do you have to be to work at Crowne Plaza?

Job applicants are expected to be 18 years old or above to be able to work in Crowne Plaza.

Crowne Plaza Careers

Accounting Specialist: responsible for recording data on the journals, ledgers and other accounting records. Preparing daily bank deposits is also part of his responsibilities.

Administration Assistant: in charge of identifying what supplies, equipment, and facilities are needed in the office. The administration assistant reports the variances in the budget to maintain control.

Agent Front Desk: is ensures that the guests check in and check out on time. The agent front desk also processes transactions between customers.

Airport Representative: This position requires someone who is approachable and confident at the same time as he needs to serve the customers properly.

The hotel also offers other job positions, such as assistant director of sales, assistant executive housekeeper, assistant F&B manager, and assistant front office manager.

Crowne Plaza Application

Job application is available in the website of InterContinental Hotels Group, the parent company of Crowne Plaza. An applicant can create a user profile or sign in using his/her Google and Yahoo accounts to continue the application process.

The company uses online application. Since it is the parent company, which handles the first part of the process, it is necessary that it uses a convenient and efficient method.

Before the applicant can register on the website, it is essential for him to read the privacy statement of the company. This is important to prevent the risk of asking the same questions that the management already answered.

To have an effective resume, the applicant must identify what possible problems the hotel has. Think of any skills and strengths that you have that can help the company address these problems. Emphasize these on the resume.

The working environment in the hotel industry puts much pressure on the employees. The hiring manager may ask how the applicant will deal with these situations. Make sure to provide an answer that will benefit the hotel.

Things to Know About Crowne Plaza

One of the things that the IHG stresses to its hotel brands, aside from providing excellent service, is the value of helping the community.

These efforts resulted to the founding of the IHG Foundation, which was just launched this year. Its first foundation week became a success with the help of 700,000 employees from around the world.

Crowne Plaza is known for a hotel, which focuses on business travels. The hotel’s customers are mostly individuals who find traveling as an important part of developing their careers.

As part of the hotel’s advocacy, it empowers disadvantaged people by providing them with trainings on hospitality skills. This is a way of the hotel to help them find jobs in the hotel industry.

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