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Crunch Fitness is a gym, which provides its customers with a fun experience while getting fit and healthy. It encourages its customers by strictly implementing the No Judgement policy.

Its story started with a rather rough beginning in an aerobics studio in New York City in 1989. The basement-like location had no locker rooms or air conditioning.

Now, there are over 31 locations where the gym is operating in the country alone. Its market has spread around the world and has over 100 branches globally.

Its employees are given benefits, making their work even more rewarding. These include retirement plans, medical, dental, and vision insurance, paid holidays and vacations, and transportation assistance.

Aside from receiving employee discounts on the gym’s services, its workers also enjoy discounts, memberships, and free merchandises from its partner companies. These things are among the reasons why they love to work at Crunch Fitness.

How old do you have to be to work at Crunch Fitness?

Job applicants are expected to be 18 years old or above to be able to work at Crunch Fitness.

Crunch Fitness Careers

Membership Advisor: responsible for explaining to the customers the services available in the gym. The membership advisor serves as the head of the gym.

Personal Trainer: in charge of providing guidance and instructions during exercises. The personal trainer motivates the customers to achieve the fit body they desire.

Housekeeper: tasked to keep the gym clean and conducive for exercising. The housekeeper also ensures that all the fitness equipment are clean and in good working condition.

Staff Accountant: responsible for keeping the financial records of the gym. The staff accountant handles all the financial aspects related to the branch.

Aside from the jobs mentioned, the gym also offers other job opportunities such as group fitness instructor, Pilates instructor, and membership service representative.

Crunch Fitness Application

For applicants who are interested to be part of Crunch Fitness’ workforce, visiting the website is a must. An email is provided where the applicants can send their cover letters and application forms to.

The gym makes use of online application since its market covers many countries. It is both cost- and time-efficient for a branch to use this method in the application process.

Make sure that the site is for the applicant’s country since there are different sites for each country. Do not forget to include the applicant’s preferred location and role in the cover letter and resume.

The resume does not necessarily have to contain all the applicant’s previous jobs. Include only those related to the company.

Be confident during the interview. There are instances when the hiring manager can make applicants feel intimidated. Show confidence since the quality of delivering answers helps a lot in leaving a good impression.

Things to Know About Crunch Fitness

No judgements – that is the motto of the gym. Its employees tend to be open-minded all the time to prevent discouraging their clients. The gym strives to have a culture of both fun and improvement for its employees and customers.

The company presented its Crunch Essential model for those who want to franchise the gym. This opportunity makes it possible for aspiring owners to help people stay healthy while earning profit at the same time.

The gym is known for working with different companies from other industries to provide its customers with the services they deserve. Some of these companies include trophy and awards manufacturers, spas, and nutritional supplement dealers.

Being a company that helps in making its customers stay fit, it is also an advocate of health and fitness to the community around it. The gym inspires the community by providing that the road to fitness can also be fun.

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