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Being one of the most popular retail and healthcare business in the United States, there are many CVS careers to consider. This retailer is hiring personable and outgoing individuals to gain employment for CVS jobs. Prospect employees usually aim for part-time and full-time positions when filling out a CVS application. Due to the wide chain of locations, CVS has everlasting job opportunities.

Job seekers have two choices to apply for jobs at CVS. The best way is to use the printable application form and submit at your local or chosen location. Or you can apply online and fill out their online application. Are you wondering how to apply for CVS online? You will need your resume and cover letter to make your application form complete and ready for submission.

Overall CVS is a pharmacy innovation company that has an ongoing goal to reinvent their pharmacy. They hold a purpose of guiding people to a better path of good standing health. They stick by the core values of innovation, collaboration, caring, integrity, and accountability. The goal for the retail healthcare store is to offer more affordable and effective ways to shape the health of communities they serve.

Individuals that seeking CVS careers should have a bit of knowledge about the key facts of the pharmacy chain. CVS is known to be the largest pharmacy health care provider in the United States with combined offering across all aspects of pharmacy care. The head corporate office is located in Woonsocket, RI. Their information systems development office is stationed in Northern Ireland and a retail drugstore chain in Brazil.

CVS Careers

There are many CVS jobs in their retail division to find. Having a career at the chain guarantees recognition and reward. They hold goals to reinvent careers. They key hiring areas for the retail division include; customer care, nursing, pharmacy technician, internships, fellowships and even residencies. Jobs within these categories are key to their mission of renewing pharmacies.

In order for them to build trust with consumers they must be transparent. They desire for consumers to have a better touch about what they stand for and how they conduct business. Their Corporate Responsibility Approach ties with their business principles. Corporate jobs at CVS involve the following divisions; customer care call center, healthcare analytics overview and health system alliances.

How old do you have to be to work at CVS?

The minimum age to work at the retail pharmacy chain is 16 years old. Due to the minimum age requirement prospect employees are not required to have a high school diploma or GED. When it comes to pharmacy positions the minimum age requirement is 18 years old, along with necessary education and work experience.

Working at CVS will grant you a market-competitive compensation along with a benefit package that accommodates a balance of goals and personal needs. There is no limit to receiving these benefits, which include; merchandise discounts, medical and dental insurance, health and wellness programs, 401(k) retirement plan, free health screenings and of course paid vacation and off days.

In terms of their hours of operation most locations are open on all holidays. Also, majority of them are open for 24 hours. The hours of operation for the pharmacy may differ by location, and the same goes for the retail sectors. They can be open as early as 6am and close as late as 11pm.

CVS Job Descriptions

Sales Associate– Sales Associate have a number of responsibilities which include facing and stocking shelves, handling the cash registers, answers questions from customers, and they even deal with complaints. When necessary they make price changes and also answer the phones and make sure the store is clean. The average pay for this position is $9 an hour.

Pharmacy Technician– They deal with customer in-store and out-store. Their responsibilities involved handling prescriptions and refills. Pharmacy Technicians must embody strong customer service skills and have knowledge on how to operate the necessary computer system. They are also required to have a high school diploma pharmacy technician certification. This is a full time position. The average pay is $11 an hour.

Store Manager– Store managers make sure the daily operations with the store are up to par by handling key administrative duties and labor management duties.They are also involved in customer service duties such as greeting customers, completing transactions and offering assistance. The yearly salary for this position is 60k.

Cashier– The average responsibilities for a Cashier at CVS is to handle sales tasks, stock and customer service. They ring up customers at most using the point of sales system, process payments, deal with customer issues, and may also assist the sales and stock staff when needed. The average pay for this position is $9 an hour.

Beauty Care Associate– These individuals handle the beauty department maintenance, merchandise and presentation, customer service and sales building. They must have beauty product knowledge, organize and order beauty supplies, review pre-packs for proper signing, and make sure all items have accurate pricing. The average pay for this position is $10.51 an hour.

CVS Interview Questions

What do you know about our organization? This is a likely question that will pop up during your interview. This is why it is very important to conduct research about the company before heading to the interview. You should memorize at least two or three company facts that you have mention.

Tell me about your ability to work under pressure? If there has ever been a stress moment in your working experience that ended up having a positive outcome, you should elaborate on it. This will prove that regardless of what occurs or is set in place, you will be able to work under a pressured environment.

What qualities do you look for in a boss? Answer this question positively and truthfully. You can mention above average traits, add a bit of humor and then mention logical high standard qualities. Make sure you are not doing it in a way where you are bashing your old boss.

Tell me about a suggestion you have made? Think of a time and tell the interviewer that the problem was, how you told your co-workers, if you had an influence on their decision, the exact idea you suggested and the overall outcome. This is a behavioral question. You will be tested on how you respond and your actual response to view how useful you are.

What challenges are you looking for? Learning the job description can help you answer this question. When you study about the position you are applying for, jot down whatever you find questionable and simply say those are the challenges you are looking forward to facing. It convinces the interviewer that you are not afraid of learning new things.

Advice For Application Process

Applications are submitted nearly every hour for CVS jobs online. Then there is also the use of filling out the printable application for CVS. It is important to have your resume on available, especially when you are filling out a form by hand. You will be apply to easy write your job and duties.

When you are filling out your application realize this is the retail pharmacy industry, any type of chicken scratch will not be accepted. Always make sure your grammar is right and you are using the right tones. When it is a paper application, your handwriting just be clear and concise.

A face to face interview can be as long as 20-30 minutes. It is an evaluation process they throw at you. This lessens the chance of being asked populars and typical questions. Expect to be asked questions that will test your behavior. Behavior and the mind are always what interviewers are testing.

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