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Longs Drugs

Longs Drugs is a US drugstore chain mainly located in the West Coast, USA. Last 2008, the store was acquired by CSV Health, but it continues to serve the public with its pharmaceutical products, personal care items or cosmetics, and photo and photofinishing supplies.

The company started its operations last 1938. It was founded by Joseph and Thomas Long who are actually brothers. Their first store was established in Piedmont Ave., Oakland, California.

The company was also recognized for earning a spot in the top ten drugstore chains in the US. It has over 370 stores in various states, including Hawaii, Oregon, Colorado, California, Washington and Nevada.

They focus more on their employees, so employees receive the highest level of personal and financial security. These include bonuses and rewards, paid time-off, retirement plan, education assistance, vision, dental and medical insurance, life insurance and flexible account spending plan.

Employees love working at the company because of their ability to offer personal and financial security. Employees are like family and they enjoy proper work-life balance.

How Old Do you Have to be to Work at Longs Drugs?

To work here, you need to be at least 18 years of age. Aside from that minimum age requirement, you must also hold at least a high school diploma. Willingness to undergo drug and criminal drug test is also necessary.

Careers at Longs Drugs

Pharmacy Technician: Main responsibilities of this position are offering excellent customer care, assisting patients in filling out medications and working with insurance providers. Sorting medications correctly and reviewing potential side effects of medications are also part of his responsibilities.

Customer Service Representative: Holding this position requires you to interact with and assist customers, unload deliveries, and take purchase payments. You’ll also replenish merchandise and should have strong interpersonal skills.

Store Manager: Supervises the operations of the entire store. The store manager needs to implement the company policies, hire, develop and train new employees, and process payroll and work schedules.

Cashier: Duties of this position include managing registers, collecting payments, ensuring the accuracy of prices and handling inquiries. A cashier also needs to keep the register area clean and bag groceries.

Other positions that you can apply for are sales associate, pharmacy service associate, beauty advisor, shift supervisor and assistant pharmacy manager.

Longs Drugs Application

To apply at the company, you need to get an application form directly and personally from a branch closest to you. Make sure you’ve spent time researching about the company, so you’ll know what to expect from the application process.

You can’t apply online. As mentioned earlier, you need to get the form personally. Once the form is completely filled out, you can submit your resume through e-mail or personally.

The application form should have all the required information that it asks for. Fill it out completely with honest information. If possible, don’t leave anything blank. Ensure that all details are free of errors and misspellings.

Do the same for your resume. It should contain accurate information without any errors. Your resume should also be filled with information that are guaranteed to showcase your skills and qualifications.

Show your interviewer that you’re serious about your application by dressing accordingly. Wear business-casual attire. Answer questions about yourself and career history. Defend your qualifications and skills during the interview, as well, to show them how competent you are.

Facts About Longs Drugs

Longs Drugs takes pride of its ability to treat all employees like family. In fact, each branch exudes a friendly atmosphere. They are also capable of welcoming customers in good spirits.

CVS now serves as the parent company of Longs Drugs after it was acquired last 2008. Recent news also indicated that the company had a lease deal that will last for 15 years with the owner of the previous property of the first Kmart store in Hawaii.

The company is known for the quality of its prescription and over-the counter medications, as well as medical supplies and equipment. It is also recognized for its ability to position its counters at the storefront.

The company also takes part in various activities that benefit the community. Just last May, 2016, for instance, they expanded their offerings to support those with Hepatitis and liver ailments in Hawaii.

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