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Desert Sun Tanning Salon offers various tanning solutions for people who love to tan. It turned into a profitable company in just ten years. It opens its doors to interested business people who like to venture into this business.

The company started in 2002. It is the subsidiary of Palm Beach Tan Inc., also a leading tanning salon. Since its start, the company has given more than 50 franchises.

Desert Sun Tanning has more than 80 locations with 20 more salons in the making. In 2008, Entrepreneur Magazine named the company the number one tanning franchise.

Employees enjoy generous discounts on tanning services and products. Aside from these, they earn commissions. For employees who plan to stay long in the company, they receive healthcare coverage and retirement plans.

Flexible work schedules allow workers to strike a balance between their work and personal life. This gives them an opportunity to create long-lasting relationships. The generous discounts and free access to tanning services also attract potential employees.

How old do you have to be to work at Desert Sun Tanning?

The minimum age is 18. For part-time employees, inquire if the salons accept 16 years old with a work permit. Age limit may vary from one salon to another.

Desert Sun Tanning Careers

Sales Associates: This position requires learning all the services of the salon. They may also handle phone conversations especially during follow-ups on appointment or answer an irate customer.

Shift Leaders: They act as managers during the night shift. They ensure that the salon runs smoothly while the manager is off duty. Shift leaders act as quality controls and make sure that customers receive quality tanning service.

Customer Service Representatives: They answer inquiries and provide information to customers. They arrange client’s appointment with the salon. Service representatives must have knowledge on proper call etiquette

Assistant Salon Managers: They act as role models to all employees. They help train newly hired ones. Assistant managers may also provide performance evaluation to managers.

Other positions may include bed detailer, key holder, spray tan specialist and front desk agents. Higher positions include salon manager and accounting staff.

Desert Sun Tanning Application

The application process is simple. Just provide your name and email address. Select the desired position and preferred location. You do not need to create an online account.

The company accepts both online and offline application. For offline applications, visit the nearest salon in your place. Submit resume. Contact them after two weeks if you do not hear from them.

During follow-ups on an application, be polite. Inquire if the position is still vacant. If the position is available, you may ask for an interview. Showing interest may help you get your desired job.

You may include all work experiences closely related to the job. For example, you apply for CSR position. You may include jobs from a call center or even work-at-home as long as the job entails customer service relations.

Prepare for the interview. You may have heard this tip, but preparation is a great way to get your dream job. Questions may arise that involve dealing with customers.

Facts about Desert Sun Tanning

The company is generous to its employees. It provides easy access to its amenities if they use these properly and accordingly. Desert Sun Tanning offers excellent tanning services.

Customers earn rewards every time they tan. Aside from these rewards, they enjoy a plethora of special promos and coupons. They also have many options of tanning solutions – from sunless to sunbed tanning options.

The company is known for giving excellent services. Although it is a subsidiary company, it upholds its own culture and discipline.

Desert Sun Tanning gives back to the community by collaborating with charity organizations. Through the help of interested donors, it raises funds for these organizations.

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