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Great Clips is a hair salon franchise based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company offers its services to over 3700 places in the United States and Canada.

The first Great Clips salon was opened in 1982 by David Rubenzer and Steve Lemmon. Both of them had a vision of taking the haircare industry to another level. The salon was first franchised in 1983.

The company takes pride in gaining $1.03 billion revenue. With these numbers, the salon never stops to innovate by providing their employees with proper trainings to enhance their creativity.

It provides employees with benefit packages including healthcare assistance, insurance, retirement plans, 40% employee discount on company services, tuition assistance, and paid vacations and holidays.

The salon gives employees the opportunity to balance their work and personal life. Being physically and mentally healthy is also a must so the company provides wellness and health programs for their employees to enjoy.

How old do you have to be to work at Great Clips?

Job applicants are expected to be at least 16 for them to apply for any open positions at Great Clips.

Great Clips Careers

Hair Stylist: This person is in charge of cutting the hair of customers. The hairstylist is provided with trainings to serve the salon’s customers properly.

Salon Manager: This person ensures that the operations of the salon are properly carried out. The salon manager is also tasked to hire and train employees.

Business Analyst: This person collaborates with the functional areas of the company to reach the business objectives. He is expected to be well-versed with the quality assurance practices, proper management, and analysing data.

Education Services Specialist: This person is responsible for the overall training of the employees to ensure that all franchises deliver the proper services to customers.

The salon also offers other entry-level and professional job positions like receptionist, assistant salon manager, and shampooer. A complete list of job opportunities can be found in its website.

Great Clips Application

The applicant will be asked to give his/her general information after clicking the I’m Interested button. Upon submitting the form, his information will be sent to the local salon owner.

The company uses online application to properly track the applicants of all the branches. Salon owners will receive the applicant’s information and decide if he matches any open job.

The salon can provide the necessary trainings to develop an employee. What they need are determined and passionate applicants who are willing to learn. The applicant must show these traits to the hiring manager.

The applicant is asked to submit a resume along with his/her general information in the site. The resume should be succinct and direct to the point. Unorganized resumes are sure to discourage a manager from hiring an applicant.

During the interview, a manager may ask misleading questions such as what weaknesses does the applicant have. Use this as an opportunity. State how you have overcome this weakness, instead of claiming that you have none.

Things to Know About Great Clips

The company acknowledges the fact that it cannot be a success without the help of the community around them, that is why it created the Great Deeds Programs to help various causes.

These programs serve as challenge to the company to take action in helping the community around it. Great Clips partnered with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to help the children with serious illnesses. In 2015, its donations reached $845000.

The Cut it Out program promotes awareness of domestic abuse. Salon employees are trained to recognize any signs of abuse among their customers, friends, and families. The employees can then refer any possible victim to local resources for help.

It also partnered with Wigs for Kids, a non-profit organization, which helps children and young adults with hair loss problems. They provide quality wigs that children can wear even if they participate in different activities.

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