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Delmarva Power is a utility company providing power to millions of citizen in Delaware and Maryland. It is also a provider of natural gasses to thousands of people to the Northern Delaware.

The company started in early 1900 when electricity became a common necessity to every household. It is a subsidiary of Exelon Group of Companies.

It has more than 1000 employees working together to bring power to the Delaware and Maryland households. It has more than 100 substations and 10 electrical facilities.

Employee benefits include education assistance, holiday pay, paid day off and vacation leaves. Due to the nature of the jobs at Delmarva, long-term benefits include comprehensive insurances. These insurance policies include health care plans, life and disability insurance.

Despite the risks associated with most of the jobs, people still like to work in the company. The company promotes teamwork and ensures the overall safety of workers. It is an equal opportunity employer to people.

How old do you have to be to work at Delmarva Power?

Applicants must be at least 18 years old. The minimum educational attainment is a high school diploma for most of the rank-and-file jobs. However, higher entry-level positions may require a bachelor’s degree such as engineering.

Delmarva Power Careers

Customer Service Representatives: They coordinate customer problems to employees responsible for handling repairs or other outage issues. Representatives process utility bills and handle disputes on overcharges. They answer calls and entertain customers’ inquiries and complaints.

Journeyman Plumbing Installers: The position requires a technical knowledge of plumbing and electrical installations. They install or modify plumbing in accordance with instructions. They troubleshoot miscellaneous plumbing problems and perform minor repairs.

Maintenance Mechanics: This position requires a valid driver’s license. They ensure that vehicles are in good working condition. They see to it that the stations adhere to all government regulations.

Engineers: The position requires an extensive knowledge of CAD and a degree. It could be an entry-level or a higher position depending on the type of engineering functions. Mostly, engineers handle designs, construction, and implementation of different projects.

Other positions include contractor analyst, electric meter specialist, dispatcher and journeyman lineman. On the other hand, applicants can apply for any financial position. These positions may include audit associate, accounting payroll clerk, accountant and financial analyst.

Delmarva Power Application

The site does not show a direct link. The career link directs you to the parent company site, Exelon. Through this, you may create an account for updates. Submit your application and resume.

Delmarva Power regularly hosts recruitment events and job fair. Watch out for these events. Submit resume or your profile during these events. Alternatively, create an online account with the company’s site.

For some positions, applicants must pass Edison Electric Institute (EEI) tests. Applicants for all positions must pass standard tests such as drug and psychological tests. Prepare for these tests, especially the written ones.

The company’s selection process is rigorous. Make your resume as impressive as possible. Avoid citing achievements not related to the job you applied for. Enumerate technical or mechanical certifications.

Prepare for an interview by going listing possible questions. Remember to read the history of the company. Read the site’s FAQ for more information so you can answer whatever questions regarding the application process.

Facts about Delmarva Power

The company integrates diversity in its workforce. It believes that diversity can contribute to the company’s success. Diversity encompasses difference in race, educational attainment and cultural exposure. To them, diversity can bring fresh and brilliant ideas.

Four years ago, Delmarva Power started a project. This project aims to find ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and eventually protect the environment. Recently, the company completed the project.

The company is popular for hiring employees with previous military experiences. This year, they received recognition as the 42nd entity to hire and retain military people. This is a proof of their commitment to diversity in the workplace.

The company donates money to charity institution. Aside from these donations, Delmarva Power also commits itself to environmental sustainability. It ensures the quality of their service and at the same time, the preservation of the environment.

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