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Eastern Mountain Sports Application Online


Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) delivers a broad range of top-of-the-line clothing, supplies and equipment options for outdoor and extreme sports enthusiasts. In addition to its in-house brand, the store carries top-tier brands, like Merrell, The North Face, Osprey and Thule.

It was first established in Massachusetts by mountain climbers Alan McDonough and Roger Furst in 1967. It is a subsidiary of Eastern Outfitters, LLC.

The company owns 60 stores and 6 Eastern Mountain Sports Schools in 12 northeastern states. It is also a partner of the Mount Washington Observatory, Adirondack Mountain Club, Connecticut Forest and Park Club, Appalachian Mountain Club and the Green Mountain Club.

The company endeavors to provide a diverse benefits package encompassing the healthcare, retirement and work–life balance needs of its employees. Even part-time employees can receive 401-k savings and in-store discounts on merchandise.

Company culture plays a key role in employee satisfaction. Being surrounded by knowledgeable co-workers and working at an environment that encourages their passion for the outdoors are just some of the things employees love about EMS.

How old do you have to be to work at Eastern Mountain Sports?

The minimum age requirement for entry-level jobs in the company is 18. Certain company benefits like the 401-k savings plan are only available to eligible employees.

Eastern Mountain Sports Careers 

Bike technician: A role made for cyclists, bicycle technicians help customers find bikes suited to their needs, assemble new bicycles, estimate the cost of repairs and overhauls, and perform quick walk-in repairs.

Store guide: Store guides are in charge of introducing customers to products that meet their needs or wants, and assisting in setting up seasonal floor moves, visual store layouts and displays.

Floor supervisor:  At the entry-level store management position, floor supervisors serve as the manager-on-duty at retail locations. Their tasks also include overseeing store operations and carrying the keys. They are trained to open and close the shop.

Assistant store manager: Besides providing leadership support for the store manager, the assistant store manager oversees the recruitment and training of the location’s team of store guides and establish rapport with the outdoor community at large.

Other, more season-specific career paths include seasonal associates, who help outfit customers with the necessary gear for winter travel, and ski technicians, who guide customers in acquiring winter sports gear. The company also offers finance and social media management positions.

Eastern Mountain Sports Application

Eastern Mountain Sports posts many of its positions and processes employment applications online through Jobvite. Applicants online can submit their applications and browse through the many job openings through the website.

Online applications require a copy of the applicant’s résumé uploaded along with his personal and social media details. such as Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Upon submitting the form, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the applicants. This contains further instructions on checking the status of their application.

The navigation toolbar on the company’s Jobvite page can help applicants find job openings in their area. Athletic applicants should list down the sports they partake in under the “skills” section of their résumés.

Key positions like bike technicians require a specific level of hobby expertise. Mechanical skills and extensive field experience are all key points the company looks for in new recruits.

Things to Know About Eastern Mountain Sports

Founded as a joint venture by avid mountaineers, Eastern Mountain Sports is built on the passion for the outdoors. Maintaining the same love and zeal for the outdoors as their customers makes them more capable of providing better products and delivering better service.

Members of Eastern Mountain Sport loyalty program receive a 10% rebate for every dollar spent during double point events and 5% on ordinary days.

The company provides opportunities for adventure bloggers to earn advertising revenue through its affiliate program. Bloggers earn a 7% commission from every sale generated from a link to the EMS website derived from their blog.

It also provides discounts for veterans, active duty military, reservists, and their families. Vets and soldiers alike can enroll on the Veterans Advantage program, entitling them to a 10% discount on all stores year round.

Application Links

Company: http://www.ems.com/

Careers: http://jobs.jobvite.com/ems/

Application: http://jobs.jobvite.com/ems/job/oIqj4fwf/apply

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