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Gander Mountain

This company is all about the outdoors experience.  They sell supplies for fishing, hunting, and camping, among other things.  When looking for associates, they look for qualities such as knowledge and experience, confidence, resilience, and commitment to excellence.  If this sounds like you, then search for Grander Mountain jobs online through the link provided and fill out a Grander Mountain application.

The company first opened its doors in 1960 by Robert Sturgis in Wilmot, Wisconsin.  The business was sold in 1984 to Ralph Freitag.  Currently, there are 152 stores open in 26 states with the Headquarters being located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

They are committed to the different communities where they are located by being involved with programs focused on women, the underprivileged and struggling families.  They also participate in Toys for Tots, Soles4Souls, and Clothes4Soles.

Some of the reasons that people love working for Gander Mountain is that they promote from within and have values which encompasses passion, perseverance, and excellence.  They believe in a challenging and rewarding work environment by teaching to lead and explore your strengths.

How to apply for Gander Mountain online is easy.  Simply click the provided link under Job Links, search for Gander Mountain jobs, and fill out the Gander Mountain application.  At this time, there is no printable application for Gander Mountain.

Gander Mountain Careers

There are many positions available at this company.  Some store level jobs include Customer Service Associate, Sales Associate, Zone Supervisor, and Zone Manager.  They offer competitive wages along with a generous employee discount.

Other Gander Mountain careers can be found at the corporate level.  Some corporate office jobs include Product Manager, Staff Accountant, Microsoft System Administrator, and Sr. Digital Media Manager.  Other Gander jobs can be found at the Gander Mountain Academy and the distribution centers.

How old do you have to be to work at Gander Mountain?

All associates receive a benefits package that includes Holiday Pay, 401(k), Paid Time Off, Tuition Reimbursement, Associate Referral Incentive and a generous Associate Discount on items throughout the store.  Full time associates also get Medical, Dental, and Life insurance.

Store hours nationwide are Monday through Saturday from 9:00a to 9:30p and Sunday from 9a -8p.  Even though the company doesn’t have a downloadable application, you may be able to get a direct application by visiting your local store.  Otherwise, apply for jobs at Gander Mountain by going online.

Gander Mountain Job Descriptions

Customer Service Associate – The Customer Service Associate is responsible for exceeding customer expectations by delivering exceptional service.  Other duties include educating the customer on products throughout the store, participate in training relevant to the position, and are willing to adapt to change quickly.

Sales Associate – This role is responsible for building customer loyalty by assisting the customers to discover what is necessary for their outdoor needs with knowledge and experience.  Other duties include stocking, replenishing inventory and maintaining a clean and clutter free environment.

Zone Supervisor – The responsibility of the Zone Supervisor is to assist in the store operations by leading the team next to or in the absence of the Zone Manager.  Other responsibilities include open and close duties, as well as training and development of department team members.

Zone Manager – The Zone Manager is the assistant manager and is responsible for assisting the manager in the daily operations of the store including providing leadership to team members, setting high expectations of self and others and implementing company policies and procedures.  Other duties include meeting or exceeding sales expectations and profit goals, connecting with the customers to fully understand the customers’ needs, and managing labor cost.

Gander Mountain Interview Questions

The following retail industry standard interview questions are meant as a guideline to help you in preparing for your interview.

How do you deal with a difficult customer?  The hiring manager is looking for key phrases such as actively listening to the customer, showing empathy towards the customer’s issue, and providing excellent customer service to ensure that the customer’s issue has been resolved.  You will want to give a specific example of how you handled a difficult customer in the past to show that you understand and practice these concepts.

Name a time you have gone above and beyond the call of duty?  This type of question can involve going above and beyond for a customer, a co-worker, or a company.

Why did you leave your previous job?  This can be a tricky question.  Some things to avoid are leaving because you wanted better pay, or because you didn’t get along with your previous manager.  It is recommended that you try to be as positive as possible.

How would you sell a given product?  Let your charisma and personality shine with this question.

What do you consider your most significant strength?  This is an excellent opportunity to show the hiring manager who you are.

Advice for Application Process

There are a few things that you can do during the application process that will help you in landing the position that you are applying for.  Before filling out the application, make sure you create a cover letter.  The cover letter should show that you know about the company and the position.  It should also show what you can do for the company as well.

The next thing is to create or update or resume.  The resume that you submit should only be one page with your most recent employment, along with two or three referrals that you know will give you high marks.  The referrals should include at least one professional referral, such as a teacher or a previous employer.  It is also recommended that you create a secondary resume for your records that show your entire employment history as some positions require a five or ten year employment background.

When filling out the application, read all instructions carefully.  Don’t leave any questions blank and, if filling out a physical application, make sure you write legibly.  Before submitting or turning the application in, review it to ensure that you have completed it.  Also, be prepared to take a test, especially if completing the application online.  Don’t rush through the test and answer the questions truthfully.  Follow up with the company around five days after you have turned in, or submitted, the application.

During the interview, don’t be stiff and over-professional.  Relax, smile, and keep eye contact to show the hiring manager that you are confident and professional, yet friendly.  Answer the interview questions honestly, especially when it comes to knowing what your weaknesses, or areas under development, are.

At the end of the interview, show gratitude towards the interviewer for taking time to discuss the position with you.  If you were invited for the interview via email, make sure you send a quick thank you note.  This will remind the interviewer of you and will put you at the forefront of his or her mind when they are ready to hire.


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