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Earls Kitchen and Bar takes great pride in being one of North America’s most beloved restaurant chains. Delivering its own take on upscale casual dining, the individual restaurant offers a region-specific menu unique to each location.

Founded in 1982 by Leroy Earl Fuller and Stanley Earl Fuller, the company began as a beer-and-burger joint located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Today, the venture remains a family-owned and family-operated enterprise, growing as company-owned restaurants rather than franchises.

Earls Kitchen and Bar owns and operates more than 60 restaurants located throughout Canada and the United States. It was named Glassdoor’s #1 place to work in Canada in 2016.

The company’s benefits packages are a cut above the standard for both countries it operates. These include comprehensive health benefits, life insurance program, pension plans, and a wellness account used for purchasing health and fitness items of choice.

Besides career development, the company also encourages employees to make and share statements of their life and career goals. It actively fosters a cheerful, supportive work environment for its partners.

How old do you have to be to work at Earls Kitchen and Bar?

The minimum age for those wishing to be part of the company varies from one country and state to another. In the U.S., the minimum age is 18.

Earls Kitchen and Bar Careers

Hosts: Hosts set the tone for the guests’ experience by inviting in and building rapport with them.

Kitchen recruits: Kitchen recruits are responsible for keeping the kitchen environment clean and orderly. This is the starting point for many of the company’s chefs.

Bartenders: Bartenders serve guests a variety of alcoholic beverages ranging from beer and wine. They also concoct unique and flavorful cocktails.

Management: Managers take charge of the key operations of the company’s multimillion dollar bar and restaurant operations, building, leading, and honing work teams of individuals to meet enterprise goals and deliver the best customer experience possible.

The company also offers a number of other career options for those passionate about working for hospitality and dining. Some of the openings are for the front of house, the kitchen, and the head office.

Earls Kitchen and Bar Application

The company is always looking for fresh talent to join its teams and invites both fresh graduates and students alike. The store management typically interviews applicants on the spot, but may also choose an interview schedule, which works for the applicant.

Applicants can download and print out an application form from the company’s website, which they should then submit in-person at the nearest branch between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Because the company has been known to hire people immediately, applicants are asked to bring social security numbers with them during the interview. Certain occupations require the applicant to be old enough to legally serve alcohol in either the U.S. or Canada.

The company provides distinct application forms for residents hailing from the United States and Canada. Applicants should download the form from their respective countries.

Earls Kitchen and Bar is built on setting people up for success and provides a few off the most common questions asked by the management on its recruitment website.

Things to Know About Earls Kitchen and Bar

The Earls Kitchen and Bar experience is built with the professional and personal growth of its employees in mind. It offers a three-part flagship leadership development program for all its partners regardless of their position. Skill development is facilitated through information shared through its intranet, MyEarls.

The company is committed to providing an array of unique culinary offerings that leave diners wanting more. It also encourages chef-led kitchen experiments, attracting the industry’s attention through its Chef’s Collective.

A strong believer in the value of community, the company encourages employees to participate in local events and community service projects throughout the year.

It also made commitments to serve 100% humane Canadian beef, working hand-in-hand with Canadian beef industry and individual ranchers to ensure the humane treatment of cattle throughout the production process.

Application Links

Company: https://earls.ca/

Careers: http://earlswantsyou.com/

Application: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B61Sgak3vETZYUpUWW1nSWxwZ1k/view

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