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El Torito’s menu offers a wide range of Mexican food ranging from simple guacamoles to grilled fajitas. Their table side preparations beautifully complement the bold flavors they offer.

For 60 years, it has been a famous name when it comes to Mexican food. It was founded in 1954 to provide its customers a dining experience with the comforts of their home.

Over 110 restaurants in 12 states carry the company’s goal of providing customers with a hospitable service and great Mexican food. Its employees make sure that these are carried out the El Torito way.

The company offers its employees with a number of benefits such as competitive base salaries, retirement plans, healthcare assistance, insurance, and employee assistance programs. Do not forget the meal discounts and quarterly allowances.

They believe that its workforce is the key to their success that is why they invest on employee development thru formal and informal training. Performance-based bonus rewards are also implemented for employees to be motivated with their work.

How old do you have to be to work at El Torito? 

Job seekers who want to apply for a part-time or full-time job in the company should be at least 16 years. 

El Torito Careers 

Culinary Manager: This person is in charge of ensuring that the customers have a great and memorable experience. He/she leads in all the kitchen operations. 

Restaurant Manager: He/she is responsible for all the operations of the restaurant. This person supervises in the hiring process and training, and makes sure that the customers have a positive experience.

Assistant Manager: This person helps the general manager in overseeing the operations of the restaurant especially on employee hiring and inventory flows.

Host: This person is responsible for welcoming the customers and bidding them goodbye. Part of his/her job is to assist customers in getting a table and explaining the menu offerings of the restaurant.

The restaurant also offers entry-level jobs like servers and janitors that help in giving the customers their orders and maintaining the restaurant clean. Professional level job positions like fast-track manager and general manager are also available.

El Torito Application 

A list of job offerings is available in its website along with the job descriptions and requirements. A PIN or SSN is needed when filling out the application form. All fields must be correctly filled out to proceed with the application.

The company uses online application since it is more convenient and accurate considering the number of branches they have. The applicants just need to follow the instructions given.

It is favourable on the part of the applicant to be aware of the various food being served in the restaurant. Being knowledgeable of the restaurant’s offerings will leave a good impression.

Resumes should highlight the strengths, skills, and accomplishments of the applicant that will be useful for the job. Update the resume and make it concise. Don’t hesitate to proofread it.

Be ready with answering questions related to food and serving customers.Prove to the manager that you are capable of handling the job. Talk only about things that are job-related.

Things To Know About El Torito 

The main theme of the restaurant is festive. Mexicans are known to be festive people and this restaurant highlights that tradition well. Employees are given trainings that will help in giving the customers this experience.

The restaurant decided to take one more step on providing people with a memorable experience. On Veterans’ Day, they showed their appreciation to the veterans for their military servicesby giving them free food.

Military personnel are also given a 20% discount whenever they visit any branches of the restaurant all throughout the year. They want the military forces to know that they appreciated even through this little way.

The hospitality of the restaurant extends more to the community through encouraging large group gatherings in the participating locations. El Toritodevelops its employees to prove that memorable experiences and delicious food really is an amazing combination.

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