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Elephant Bar has always focused on giving its customers a menu that will appeal to all and a service that will make everyone who enters their bar comfortable.

Its history is full of success and failures. Since 1980, Elephant Bar has been providing its customers with food and beverages made with fresh ingredients coupled with hospitable service.

This quality of service resulted to various recognition. It was awarded as the Best American Hotel Bar at the Spirited Awards. Countless journalists have also taken notice of its global-inspired dishes.

Employees enjoy many benefits provided by this company. This includes healthcare assistance, insurance, and paid vacations. Discounted or free meals are also one of the perks of working in this company.

Aside from the benefits of working in this company, employees are motivated to work because of the work atmosphere. The word ‘fun’ seems to be a trademark when working in this bar. They take pride on working passionately while enjoying.

How old do you have to be to work at Elephant Bar? 

The age requirement for job seekers to apply in a part-time or full-time job in this company is at least 16 years old or above. 

Elephant Bar Careers 

Busser: This person is responsible for cleaning the tables and bringing the dishes to the kitchen for washing. Sometimes bussers help in serving the food to the customers.

Dishwasher: This person is tasked to clean all the plates, utensils, and glassware after the busser brings them to the kitchen. The dishwasher is assigned to keep the dishwashing area clean.

Kitchen Prep: This person is responsible for assisting in the preparation of meals. Kitchen prep helps in chopping and making salads.

Manager: This person oversees the operations of the bar. The manager is expected to possess the leadership skills needed to supervise the other employees and provide the customers with the best service. 

There are also other entry-level jobs that require skills related to handling customers. Those with positions like servers and bartenders are expected to not only serve the customer with their orders but to also give them fun.

Elephant Bar Application 

The company provides a list of job openings in their website for applicants who wish to be part of their team. But a Snagajob account is needed to apply. Information on applicant’s location, profile, availability, and skills will be asked.

They prefer to use online application since it will be efficient for their part and on the part of the applicants. Sorting out application forms and resumes manually will be a waste of time.

Since the company’s main product is service, the applicant must possess the skills needed to satisfy the customers. These skills must be properly emphasized.

It would be advantageous if the resume contains past experiences of working in a similar institution. Organize the resume well. Make it concise but be sure to highlight your strengths that are useful for the job you chose.

The interview will, most probably, deal on questions related to customer service, behaviour, or past experiences on working in the food industry. Prepare to answer such questions. Show the manager that you want to become part of their team.

Things To Know About Elephant Bar

Elephant Bar values passion, respect, integrity, dedication, and education. Its employees should possess these things to exceed customer expectations and to create a fun environment.

Because of its global-inspired dishes and the friendly ambiance of the employees of the place, this company has been a topic among journalists and food bloggers. They also have a unique marketing strategy.

They use of encingto send text messages to their customers to offer them dining incentives. The company’s sales increase by inviting loyal guests to dine with them.

But serving the customers is not the only focus of this company. With the food they offer being made from local ingredients, local merchants can also benefit from their success.

Application Links

Company: http://www.elephantbar.com/

Careers: http://www.elephantbar.com/careers/

Application: https://hiring.snagajob.com/tms/apply/index/761895/691537/JQFN/null/1/2

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