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Elizabeth Arden gives importance on making skin products that will enhance the skin and not just cover up its flaws. For over a century, it has been one of the leading companies in the cosmetics industry.

Florence Nightingale Graham, or famously known as Elizabeth Arden, established the cosmetics industry when she decided to go to New York in 1910 and start a salon. 

With more than 2000 employees, it is not surprising that this cosmetics company provide its customers with one of the best services. Its $1 billion revenue annually is something that this company is proud of.

The company provides its employees with benefit packages that include healthcare assistance, insurance and retirement plans, and a lot more. They also allow paid vacation leaves.

The benefits given do not only cover the financial aspect. The company is committed to its employees. Performance-based incentives are used and workers are given attractive product allowance.

How old do you have to be to work at Elizabeth Arden? 

The age requirement for those looking to have a part-time or full-time job in this company is at least 16 years. 

Elizabeth Arden Careers 

Business Account Manager: This person is responsible for developing the team to fully implement the accounts business plan. High standards of customer service and the good reputation of the company should be ensured.

Full Time Beauty Consultant: This person should have at least six months of sales experience. The full time beauty consultant is expected to make sales through customer consultations.

Product Demonstrator: This person gives customers sample makeovers to entice them to purchase the product. The product demonstrator must have skills in applying make-up.

Head Manager: This person must be knowledgeable of all the jobs available to be able to train and supervise new employees.

Elizabeth Arden also offers other jobs relating to direct sales and consultations. Job positions such as beauty advisor and sales agent are available.

Elizabeth Arden Application

Personal details and the applicant’s curriculum vitae should be uploaded.An online assessment will follow. It will involve customer service situational judgment questions.

An applicant can either apply through their website or in person. It is advisable to apply in person if an applicant is going for a position that is more than entry-level.

Since this company is part of the cosmetics industry, it is advantageous for the job applicant to know about this industry before deciding to apply. The application process also involves some assessment about the cosmetics industry.

The resume should not only contain information on the previous jobs of the applicant. Include the things that the applicant accomplished on her previous jobs and how those things helped her previous workplace. Highlight those achievements.

After further notifications, the applicant will have a telephone interview. An interview with the line manager will follow. This is the time to show the assets of the applicant. Do not try to impress the manager by making up stories, especially if it’s about previous work.

Things To Know About Elizabeth Arden 

The company shows the exact traits of its founder- a tireless innovator. A century has passed but its goal of developing a woman’s natural asset never changed and now they took this goal to another level.

With its advocacy focusing on women,this company chose to take a step on supporting women with cancer. Its campaign of boosting women’s confidence through make-up has received support from many people.

They donated make-up products and held beauty sessions with cancer patients to improve their self-esteem and develop their natural beauty despite their illness.

This advocacy has not only helped the cancer patients. It also raised awareness for women all over the world to have confidence despite the challenges they are facing.

Application Links

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