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EY or formerly named Ernst and Young is a professional services firm that provides a wide range of services such as risk assurance, tax accounting, lead advisory, transaction support and more.

The firm was founded in 1989 during the merger of Arthur Young & Co. and Ernst & Whinney. The firm was known by its former name, Ernst and Young until 2013. It went under a rebranding during the same year.

Ernst and Young has more than 700 offices in over 150 countries. They are currently hiring at least 231,000 employees worldwide.

The firm was able to generate a total of $29.6 in 2016 and has managed to help shape and improve the lives of their employees by providing them with competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits.

Working for EY has helped many employees create a stable and more fulfilling career. They are happy working with the firm because of its support, benefits, and career opportunities.

How old do you have to work at Ernst and Young?

If you are of legal age and have the credentials, you can start applying for a position at Ernst and Young.

Ernst and Young Careers

Intern. If you are an undergraduate student or a law student, you are welcome to apply for EY’s internship program.

Marketing Associate. You will help and support marketing senior managers in their current and upcoming projects and events for the firm.

Executive Assistant. This job requires you to be on top of all the administrative functions such as scheduling, planning, documentation, and other related functions.

Marketing Administrative Associate. This job will require you to draft, construct, edit and present marketing materials to the upper management.

For a promising career in the professional services field, you can start applying for a position at Ernst and Young.

Ernst and Young Application

Click on the Careers page to view the available jobs related to your credentials and experience. If you are a student, click on the jobs for students. If you are an experienced professional, click the corresponding button to start your search.

Online application is preferred. Therefore, you must have a working email address as well as a comprehensive resume to apply.

Click on the “Apply” button to start your application process. You will be required to agree on the Privacy Agreement to proceed with your application. A registration option will appear and start filling out the online form.

You may also be required to upload a resume. Therefore, you must update all information and details in the document before submitting it.

During your interview, be sure to look smart and professional. Prepare mentally and physically before your interview. Wear appropriate clothes to exude professionalism.

Facts about Ernst and Young

Ernst and Young is one of the Big Four accounting companies alongside with Deloitte, KPMG and PwC. It was named as one of 2016’s Fortune 100’s Best Companies to Work for, ranking 49th.

Aside from the Fortune 100 listing, the firm was also included in the 2016’s list of World’s Best Multinational Workplaces. It was ranked 21st.

EY is not only helping businesses make better and smarter decisions, but it is also contributing in creating a better world.

The firm, through the EY Foundation, supports various charities that help make the world a better place. Some of them include, Inspire Foundation and others.

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