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Kaplan is an international education provider. They offer tutoring services to students preparing for different examinations, operating mainly in Europe and the Asia Pacific region, and has their headquarters in Florida.

The company was founded in 1938 by Stanley Kaplan. He started by tutoring students in his parent’s basement. He then offered his services in various locations and established a company, which grew into a large institution, providing educational services worldwide.

The company has over 10,000 employees in more than 30 countries worldwide. They cater to approximately a million students across the globe. The company received various awards such as Best Online Programs and 2015 University Award for Teaching Excellence.

Employees enjoy paid leaves for vacation, sick days, and bereavement. They also get paid for holiday work. They get health benefits, 401(k) financial plans, and insurances. Likewise, the company grants employees and their immediate relatives free or discounted courses.

Employees like working for the company due to the stability of tenure. They are given opportunities to continuously improve themselves. The company hones the talents of their workforce to improve their services and bring forth a new era in education.

How old do you have to be to work at Kaplan?

The company does not specifically define an age requirement for employees. They screen and accept qualified candidates regardless of age, being an Equal Opportunities Employer. Their youngest staff consist of fresh college graduates and young professionals under entry-level regular positions.

Kaplan Careers 

Admissions Coordinator: The Admissions Coordinator takes care of data entry responsibilities and helps complete admission and enrollment files. He encodes student information, reviews the enrollee database, ensures completeness of documents, assists in front desk duties, and mails out correspondences. 

Student Support Representative: The Student Support Representative is responsible for interacting with prospective and current students. He answers queries via email, chat, phone, and personal meetings. He also helps resolve escalations, explains the company’s services, and assists students in navigating company systems.

Student Finance Coordinator: Assisting students regarding their financial obligations to the company is the main job of the Student Finance Coordinator. He explains payment plans and loan packages, assists students in monitoring aid packages and debts, and provides inbound and outbound support. 

Copywriter: The Copywriter handles the creation of marketing materials for the company. He provides write-ups, scripts, digital ads, posters, web content, emails, and event materials. He also teams up with designers and directors to create effective marketing campaigns.

The company seeks candidates to fill in other regular and part-time positions. These includes vacancies for teaching jobs (adjunct faculty, instructors, and proctors), digital marketing, financial aid officers, creative directors, marketing associates, and many more.

Kaplan Application

Prospective applicants may visit the Careers page of the company’s website. They may choose where they’d like to launch a career: Corporate, Test Prep, and Professional Education. Find a vacancy, read the job description, and click on Apply.

The company lists job vacancies and accepts applications through their online website. They also accept applications coursed through LinkedIn profiles. Walk-in applications are likewise accepted.

Applications coursed through the company website get redirected to a third-party site. It’s a plus if applicants already have an existing Workday account to facilitate faster filing of application forms.

Since the company is a large institution, applicants are advised to narrow down their resumes to specifics. They must clearly indicate what position they’re applying for. Highlighting experiences and skills related to the job vacancy is a good idea.

Entry-level applications take 3-5 days to complete, while teaching posts take around 4-5 weeks. Emails or phone calls are expected before the face-to-face interview. Company knowledge and knowing potential contributions the company’s growth increases one’s chances of passing the interview.

Things to Know About Kaplan

The company fosters a passion for education. Employees are bound by a common goal – to empower people and help them succeed through proper learning. Seeing students overcome academic hurdles towards the realization of their dreams bring fulfillment to the staff.

There were recent company events that enhanced academic services. For instance, Kaplan University gains reaffirmation of their Regional Accreditation for Higher Learning. They also gained permits to offer competency-based courses for Business Administration and I.T. tracks.

Kaplan is known for being a pioneer in test-preparation services. What started out as a tutoring service branched out into an expansive array of scholastic services. The company operates under different umbrellas specific to the learning needs of diverse students.

True to its commitment to make education accessible to all, the company launched the Kaplan Educational Foundation. This is a non-profit charity which provides scholarships and university transfers to deserving yet overlooked low-income college students.

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Company: https://www.kaptest.com/

Careers: https://kaplan.com/work-with-us/join-our-team/

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