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Many people choose to fill out an Express application because they crave an exciting and progressive opportunity. Others simply want an insight into the retail industry, or perhaps thrive in a creative workplace. All, however, are outgoing, fun individuals who are passionate about fashion.

The company is hugely innovative, striving to be unique in interpreting different sources of inspiration from around the world. The company conducts itself as per some core principles, which includes acting responsibility as a business whilst encouraging creative team collaboration as a means of achieving great performance. Of course, the experience and fulfillment of the consumer is the primary focus.

The first Express store opened in 1980, just prior to Michael Weiss joining as CEO – a position he is still pleased to hold. It didn’t take long for the brand to expand, growing to 250 stores nationwide by 1986. Despite this rapid growth, the company still maintained its reputation for being one of the most desirable places to work in the fashion retail sector.

Express is a global concern, though it currently operates over 600 individual stores throughout the United States. The company is traded on the Ney York Stock Exchange under the ticker profile ‘EXPR’ and has recently enjoyed annual sales in the billions of dollars.

Express Careers

Working in one of the company’s retail stores is the perfect opportunity to team up with like-minded people and kick-start a career in the fashion industry. Your eye for style and an attitude to please can go a long way in providing an engaging customer experience.

Away from the front line, there are also a number of Express careers available in both the Home Office and the Design Studio. The range of applications for your talents here is close to endless. Like most Express jobs, you’ll find that working in one of these locations will really start to put the gloss on your resume.

How old do you have to be to work at XYZ?

Applicants must be at least 16 years of age before they can apply for jobs at Express. For some positions, the minimum age is 18.

Employees are rewarded with a range of company benefits, from health and retirement packages to lifestyle hacks. There is a choice of medical and dental plans on offer, and a 401(k) retirement scheme is also available. Other employment perks include a generous discount on merchandise and a well-received Paid-Time-Off program.

The usual opening hours for stores are 10am until 9pm Monday to Saturday, with reduced hours on a Sunday. Employees will generally find themselves working a shift pattern. The actual workings hours will vary from store to store, however.

Express Job Descriptions

Stylist – Fashion is your passion. You are responsible for providing a unique and personal experience for each customer, with a creative eye for style complimented by extensive product knowledge. Stylists can expect pay of around $8 to $10 per hour. 

Sales Associate – Fashion retail is a fast-paced industry, and you are among the busiest bodies around. Customers will rely on your for assistance, and your manager will rely on you to maintain high standards of merchandise displaying and stocking. Pay starts around minimum wage, but a good performance could push this to around $11 per hour. 

Stock Expert – The merchandise is yours to flaunt, sell and replenish. Adding to the exciting in-store experience whilst ensuring that products are available and ready for the consumer, your support is crucial to the success of merchandise flow processes. Hourly wage is usually between $8 and $13 per hour. 

Store Manager – You need to be engaging as a leader and dynamic in your approach to fashion retail. Your responsibilities don’t stop at accountability for profit and loss, and driving the charge towards pre-set sales targets. No, you’ve got a dedicated team of staff whose careers need your guidance to grow too. Salary can be in the region of $50k to $60k per annum.

Follow the link below to view more Express jobs online, or to be guided on how to apply for Express online.

Express Interview Questions

An interview is a great opportunity to sell yourself. Be prepared though – try some of these:

Why did you choose to fill out an Express application? Answer with the reasons you think this company is a cut above the rest. Maybe you’ve heard about the great things it does in the community, or you have always enjoyed the experience as a customer and want see the other side of the curtain. 

Which of your qualities do you feel make you best suited for this role? If you’ve done your research, you already know what sort of people Express are looking at hiring. Talk about your approachable nature and your friendly attitude. You need to be creative and original, but most of all outgoing and helpful. 

Can you describe a time when you’ve shown good leadership skills? This doesn’t need to be anything too drastic – it’s just an example of how you can cope under pressure and offer guidance. It might be a school project, or it might be as simple as being the eldest of your siblings. 

What would you hope to get back from this role? Employers want employees to be fulfilled in what they do – it leads to a more positive workplace. Most new candidates will begin at entry level, so state that you want to learn and develop. Ask about the frequency of internal job opportunities or promotion. 

What kind of style would you recommend for me? This might be a bit of a surprise, but this may well be one of your responsibilities as an employee. Your interviewer is assessing not only your knowledge or talents as a stylist, but also your attitude towards a potential customer.

Advice for Application Process

With no ‘download application form’ facility currently available to fill out a printable application for Express, candidates must apply online with a direct application. The system will show any vacancies in your local store, along with a job description. This is a free application, which will be picked up by a hiring manager.

Complete your online application with care. This is your introduction, so any mistakes could leave an indelible impression. Be honest in the information you provide, and don’t forget to include any supplementary documents or references where requested.

Obviously, you will not have the option to take a printable application form with you to the interview for reference. Make sure you have done all the necessary research, including an intensive read-up on the company’s business plan, core values and business ethos. Answer and questions truthfully, and ensure you are polite but confident.

You can usually expect to be contacted with regards to your application within two weeks of applying, if a suitable vacancy exists. A phone interview may take place, or you may be called for an informal meeting at your nearest store. If you don’t hear back after 3 weeks of applying, don’t panic – just mention it to your local outlet.


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