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Athletic shoes, designers, and brands have greatly increased in popularity throughout the past decades.  Now there are more styles and designs that there ever was and the demand for such style has been in the rise.  Famous Footwear is the number one retailer of name brands with affordable prices and for the entire family.  The printable application for Famous Footwear can be found online.

Their store was founded in 1960 by the name of Neil’s Factory Outlet Shoe Store.  Since then, they have achieved much popularity all over the U.S., Guam, and Puerto Rico, employing over 10,000 people in their 900 stores.  They carry name brands such as Nike, Converse, Vans, Madden, Sketchers, and more.  Their shoes are athletic and casual and are perfect for the whole family.

Research has shown that 1 out of 10 people shop at Famous Footwear during back to school season.  With great prices anyone can afford, you can find their stores around most major shopping centers and malls.  Famous Footwear careers are for people that love fashion and shoes.  All their selected brands and designs are up to date and follow the latest trends.

Below you will find some tips and guidelines on how to apply for Famous Footwear online and in person via their Famous Footwear jobs link and blogs. Their online application form is a free application.  See why people love this store and why they like to work for them.  Each member of the team is a key factor for the success of the store.

Famous Footwear Careers

As part of the Calere’s company portfolio, many job opportunities come up from time to time.  They choose the people that share passion for shoes, sales, and customer service.  Like any other retail store, they hire and promote from within.  There are many jobs available in both their retail and corporate worlds.  Many of the people hired show up in person with their printable application form and resume and may be hired on the spot.

Famous Footwear careers in the retail world include cashier, sales floor, stocker, and customer service.  Their responsibilities are always going to be to provide a great shopping experience and increase the sales of the store.  Good salesmanship and customer service always lead to internal promotions.  Managerial jobs include assistant manager, store manager, district sales manager, and regional sales manager.  Each manager’s duties are to train and motivate the sales reps.

How old do you have to be to work at Famous Footwear?

The starting age for employment with this company is 16 years old.  Because of that, the tremendous opportunity to grow within the company through excellent work ethic and values is amazing.  The benefits package is given to select hourly and managerial candidates in the corporate world, which includes medical, dental, and vision insurance, flex spending accounts, retirement plans, and more.

The Famous Footwear application is the first step you need to take to start your new career and is a direct application to the position you are seeking.  Famous Footwear opens their doors Monday through Friday from 10 am to 9 pm.  Saturdays they open at 10 am and close at 8pm.  Sundays they open at 11 am and close at 7 pm.  Famous Footwear jobs can be found online allowing you to apply for jobs at Famous Footwear.

Famous Footwear Job Descriptions

Sales Associate- Their main responsibility is to ensure that each customer is having a positive shopping experience.  They help the customer find the proper sizes and styles they are looking for as well as advise them and sell shoes by suggestive selling.  They help the customer learn about deals and offers the store may have.  Salary for an entry level sales associate starts at $8.00 and goes up to $10.

Stocker- Stockers walk around the store and assist the sales associate finding the correct shoe size and re-stocking the areas that need more shoe boxes.  They receive and unload merchandise from delivery trucks and organize it in the back area.  They help clean the store and keep the shelves stocked at all times.  The hourly wage starts at $7.25 to $9.25.

Cashier- They run the register and help customers with any questions, suggestions, and sales offers.  They ring up the shoes or accessories and accept the proper payment and redeem coupons.  They work with the sales associate to assist the customer find what they are looking for.  They start at an hourly rate of $8.25 to $.12.75.

Store Sales Manager- The store sales manager works together with the staff in training and generation of sales goals.  They train and support the needs of the sales staff by keeping orders up to date and informing them of sales numbers and expectations. The typical salary for a store sales manager is around $12.75 to $20 an hour.

Assistant Manager- Assuring all associates are following the company policies and helping the sales team achieve their sales goal are some of the Assistant Manager’s responsibilities.  They also help in the training of the staff members ensure that the stockers are keeping up with the shelves.  Assistant Managers make about $10 to $17 an hour.

Famous Footwear Interview Questions

Once you send your Famous Footwear job application online or download application from and take it in person, you will need to be prepared to have an interview and answer some of the following interview questions.

How have you handled a difficult customer that changes their mind all the time? Having the proper skills to be able to help a difficult customer is always necessary in the retail world.  If you have an experience with something like this, explain shortly how you successfully helped a difficult customer.

Why do you think people steal? Loss prevention is one of the main concerns in any retail store.  The truthful answer to this question needs to be of high value and morale.  An honest humble answer like saying that people steal probably because they have low resources would be adequate.

How would you deal with a fellow employee stealing? An employee they can trust is certainly their number one priority.  Following the proper steps in handling a thief is to immediately report the person and the act that took place in detail to your immediate supervisor.

What is your five year plan? With the many career opportunities offered by the company, should you wish to take part in their corporate world, mention any career advancement plan you may have.  Even if it is not with this company, if you wish to be a manager one day or in the corporate world, let them know.

How would you sell a pair of shoes to someone that doesn’t know what they want? Having a good sales technique is a priced quality any employer is looking for.  Tell them how you would get someone to buy a pair of shoes by using your own personal sales techniques.

Advice for Application Process

You are able to find many locations hiring at Famous Footwear online.  You can find the desired job description and apply online.  Each local store has different positions available and you must know what their requirements are prior to applying.  After reviewing the company history page and looking through each requirement, select the position you are seeking and submit your application.

The interview process is a simple one.  Once they receive your application and resume, if you are selected, they will call you for an onsite interview.  Interviews consist of one on one meetings with either the store manager or district manager.  They will go over you application and resume and ask you questions pertaining to your previous work experience.  These questions will help them determine if you are a good fit for the position you are applying to,

Sometimes it is better to apply at different locations to ensure at least one of them will offer you a position.  You may go in person with your application and resume and request a possible interview right then and there.  Dress in business casual attire.  Learn enough information about the company and the opportunities they offer to their associates.  Applying online may be easier to some people rather than going in person.

During the interview, describe only positive experiences that help you look confident and like an asset to their company.  Each question you answer should be answered to the best of your knowledge and with full honesty.  Remember that the retail industry is all about good salesmanship so if you are able to sell yourself to management, then you will do very well with this company and take full advantage of their career training programs.

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