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The family-owned company has over 775 stores in 19 U.S. states and Canada and they employ 7,000 people.  They look for friendly, hard-working individuals with positive attitudes, a strong commitment to customer service, team leadership, and store organization skills. How to apply for Family Video online is easy.  Simply find the link below and search for Family Video jobs.  Once you find the position that fits you best, fill out the Family Video application.

In 1946, Clarence Hoogland founded Midstates Appliance and Supply Company.  His son Charles Hoogland inherited the business in 1953. The company later became a distributor for Magnetic Video.  Family Video was born in 1978 in Springfield, Illinois when Charles had the idea to start the Video Movie Club.  They are headquartered in Glenview, Illinois.

They believe in giving back to the community by being involved in several organizations and events.  The Grassroots Events feature family fun days, movie donations days for United States military troops, and food drives for those in need.

The company has also raised over $3.4 million for Round It Up For Lymphoma, they award students with a free overnight movie or game rental for every ‘A’ they receive on their final report card in any core subjects, and they donate thousands of turkeys and hams to local families in need throughout the holiday season.

They run their business with four daily goals.  Those goals include to learn, to teach, to WOW, and to improve.  They are on the lookout for talented and dedicated people who take pride in a job well done and those who like to have fun doing it. To begin your career, look for Family Video jobs on their website and submit your Family Video application.

 Family Video Careers

The company is hiring for many employment positions within the store.  Those positions include Customer Service Representative, Assistant Manager, Manager-In-Training, and General Manager.  Entry level jobs are paid a bit above minimum wage and benefits are available to all full time eligible employees.

For those applicants with more experience and training there are also non store-based Family Video careers available in other professional departments.  These opportunities include positions within the departments of Administration, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Marketing.

How old do you have to be to work at Family Video?

The minimum age to work at this company is 18 years old.

The company does offer a wide range of benefits.  The benefits package includes group medical, dental, life and other insurance plans after 3 months of full time employment, Full-time employees receive 6 paid holidays a year, personal paid days off depending on tenure, 401 (k), and free or discounted rentals.

There is a printable application for Family Video is available to download if you would like to apply for jobs at Family Video in person.  Most Family Video stores are open 10am until midnight every day, though hours may vary by location.  Otherwise, you can search and apply for Family Video jobs online.

Family Video Job Description

Customer Service Representative – The Customer Service Representative is responsible for handling store operational tasks such as assisting with posting advertisement signs, organizing, checking in movie or game rentals, and assisting with inventory.  Other duties include providing exceptional customer service by making suggestions, upselling, checking out movie or game rentals, and answering any customer inquiries.

Assistant Manager – This role is responsible for providing leadership and handling all operational duties including inventory, cash accountability, opening and closing duties, and team member training when the Manager or Manager-In-Training is not on duty.  Other responsibilities include being a prime Customer Service Representative in the store, leading by example, assisting the Manager to ensure that all policies and procedures are being followed and performing other retail management functions.

Manager-In-Training – The Manager-In-Training is entered into a 12-16 week training program to prepare becoming a Store Manager.   During this time, the trainee will acquire proficiency in all functions of the Store Manager, develop necessary leadership skills, and manage the store in the absence of the Store Manager.

Store Manager – The responsibilities of the Store Manager include handling the day-to-day organization, cleanliness, and maintenance of the store, establishing and maintaining a fun, friendly store atmosphere, training, developing, and evaluating employees on all aspects of their job, and establishing and maintaining an environment that fosters positive attitudes, and a strong work ethic.  Other duties include maintaining positive employee morale, ensuring accuracy and security in the handling of the store cash and maintaining inventory control.

Family Video Interview Questions

The following questions are typically asked during an interview and are standard for the retail industry.

Why do you want to work at Family Video?  This is typically the first question asked in any interview.  It is to determine if you have done your homework and what you know about the company and the job that you are applying for. Make your answer unique and phrase it so you are also telling the interviewer what you can do for the company.

What can you contribute to the company?  This is an excellent time to show your charisma and enthusiasm.  Tell the recruiter what your strengths and goals are.

What do you find most satisfying about being in sales?  Family Video is focused on sales and customer service.  The recruiter wants to know if you have a passion for these two things and why.

How do you handle stressful situations?  Make sure to answer this question within the setting of your past job experience by giving specific examples.

What is your outlook on attendance and why?  The way to answer this question is by being honest.  Most people will answer that you should always arrive to work on time, which is a good answer if you know the why.  If you can’t answer why you should be on time to work, then the interviewer will know that you don’t truly believe it.

Advice for Application Process

Read the directions of the application carefully.  It is also recommended to keep your resume on hand for easy reference and make sure that the application is consistent with your resume.  Proofread your application before submitting it and ensure that all areas of the application have been filled out including your name, date and signature.  You should give yourself plenty of time to complete the application and any self- assessments that may be required.

Do your homework and research the company and position that you are applying for.  Gather some questions that you would like to ask the interviewer.  This shows that you are interested in the business.  Also, practice the answers to some interview questions so that way you sound clear and concise with your responses.

On the day of the interview, dress in business attire and make sure that you are clean shaven, hair is neat and makeup is kept to a minimum.  Be professional yet friendly; smile and shake hands with the person that you will be speaking with. Non-verbal communication is just as important as communicating in a clear and concise tone of voice.

Lastly, be positive with a cheerful attitude.  Be gracious towards your interview and thank them for their time.  Follow up with the hiring manager within five days if he or she has not called you with a decision.

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