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California Family Fitness Application Online


California Family Fitness is a health and fitness company and organization that specializes in studios for group exercise and free weights, in addition to resistance and cardio equipment.

Back in 1996, the first club of California Family Fitness was established in a business district close to Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong, China.

JV Fitness’s trading name is California Fitness and it is also the 2nd largest gym in Hong Kong. The business model of the company originates on contracts and entry fees.

The fitness club, regardless of the position, offers work benefits such as free membership, ongoing training, and competitive pay for dependents and employees upon hiring them.

The company has a simple philosophy – making the concept of fitness entertaining and fun for individuals and entire families. They recognize health and are passionate about wellness.

How old do you have to be to work at California Family Fitness?

There is a seriousness and some potential risks that are associated with the available jobs which is why the minimum age to be employed at California Family Fitness is 18 years old.

California Family Fitness Careers

Child Care Attendant: A child care attendant’s essential functions include providing clean and safe environments for parents and children by disinfecting all furniture, restrooms, and toys at a daily basis.

Club Maintenance Associate: A club maintenance associate is a position that is entry-level with primary responsibilities of inspecting and wiping down exercise equipment, mopping and sweeping floors, answering policy and service questions, and racking weights.

Front Desk Attendant: Being a front desk attendant requires knowledge and capabilities in CPR and first aid, strong abilities in customer service, computer experience, and other related certifications.

Personal Trainer: A personal trainer’s responsibilities include duties on mentoring and coaching club members, demonstrating techniques and exercises in athletics, providing mentorship and guidance regarding nutrition and diet, and creating plans for fitness.

Other job opportunities include club maintenance associate, fitness manager, sales manager, operations manager, housekeeper, equipment maintenance technician, group fitness instructor, pool maintenance technician, and accounts receivable assistant.

California Family Fitness Application

Before opting to apply for employment, you must be sure you are personally qualified and in line with all basic requirements set by the fitness and health chain.

There is also an online version for the application form, and after submitting this, workers usually receive emails for confirmation. The process in hiring lasts a week typically while some candidates have completed every procedure within a day.

For your application form, you must include relevant experience and skills. The part for person specification of the form must be read carefully and you must make sure there are evidences for these skills.

For resume creation, you’ll definitely be swapping various information out and in depending on what job you are applying to. For this, keep a master list for your resume.

For interview preparation, you must research. However keeping up with news about the company can be difficult. Consider using alerting applications that are available online.

Things To Know About California Family Fitness

In fitness clubs, close and physical contact is required in dealing with the guests, unlike retail shops. Sometimes direct involvement regarding the customer’s’ personal lives are also needed.

There has been one controversy regarding the fitness club company, when they acted legally against over 500 members in 1999 about not paying their subscriptions.

Still, California Family Fitness remains to be a premier center for family fitness, committed to creating friendly environments, and providing employees and members the fun that they need.

This prominent fitness and health chain in Northern California provides access online to accounts of membership that allows patrons and clients in purchasing new packages and managing personal information.

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