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Fred Meyer

Fred G. Meyer began selling cherries in a corner stand and eventually expanded into what is now Fred Meyer in 1922.  Today, their company is one of the leaders in the supermarket chains in the Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, and Washington area.  The Fred Meyer application is available online and in stores which tell you how to apply for Fred Meyer online.

Fred Meyer stores have now become one of the biggest supermarket chains in its area and sell anything from food and non-food products including in store drug stores, gas stations, produce, jewelry, shoes, and more. In 1998, Kroger acquired the store allowing it to still do business under its original name.  Fred Meyers is a neighborhood store that is friendly with its nickname “Freddies,” which you can see in their flyers and ad campaigns.

Today, there are over 110 one stop markets in the U.S. each providing a large number of departments ranging from home improvement, electronics, photo, jewelers, and more.  Fred Meyer jobs have largely become available with the stores expansion throughout the country.  With Kroger backing the superstore, their products are fresh and keep up with the latest trends.

Their expansion has slowly acquired more brands such as Fred Meyer Jewelers and continues to find the best products to offer their clients.  They work with the mindset that they cannot be anything without their customers and strive to provide the best customer service as well as proper training for their personnel in order to be better than their competitors.

Fred Meyer Careers

Fred Meyer offer job opportunities in various departments allowing candidates with many skills to succeed and grow within the company. Their departments range from grocery, photo store, audio, electronics, pharmacy, clothing and shoes, customer service, jewelry, home and garden, stock, bakery, delivery, and more.  The many Fred Meyer jobs offer the necessary training for their associates to succeed.

As each associate grows in their department, they are given the opportunity to become leaders and managers that will help train and develop new members and allow them to grow as well.  Their motto is one of having a sense of community to help each other, their customers, and their community.  With the large number of departments and size of the stores, Fred Meyer careers are available in both full time and part time positions.

There are plenty of benefits each associate gets when working for Fred Meyer.  These benefits include retirement plans, medical, vision, and dental insurance, as well as discounts in merchandise, and paid time off.  There are also stock purchase plans, and tuition reimbursement.  The Fred Meyer job application online can be easily found when browsing their webpage in the careers section.

Corporate Fred Meyer careers are available to those associates that have completed a college program and are looking to continue their employment at a higher level.  Some of these jobs include accountants, account managers, human resources, district and regional directors, and more.

How old do you have to be to work at Fred Meyer?

The age requirement for a few of the Fred Meyer positions is 16.

Fred Meyer Job Descriptions

Associate- Associates provide excellent customer service in all departments while maintaining the cleanliness of the store.  Depending on the department, the responsibilities range in stocking and merchandising, arranging displays, and assisting customers.  Their hourly pay ranges from $10-$12 an hour.

Cake Decorator- Decorators process wedding cake and party orders, bake and decorate cakes and pastries, answer telephone and take orders, maintain the proper sanitation as per company policies, set up cake and pasty displays, and provide excellent customer service.  Salary is around $14 and $17 per hour.

Meat Cutter- Comply with all food and health standard policies, maintain the work stations clean, cut and process food for the day and prep for the following day.  Arranges product in case display and answers telephones and pagers.  The hourly wage is between $18 and $23 per hour.

Loss Prevention- Keep and maintains low theft numbers, reduce associate dishonesty by constantly monitoring the shrink areas and prevent, provides great customer service, and adheres to company policies.  Their annual salary is around $25k.

Wireless Sales Associate- Meet all sales quotas by engaging customers and showing them the right product, add customers to client data base, acts as cashier, maintains product knowledge, sets displays and sales signs.  Salary compensation is between $12 and $15 an hour.

Fred Meyer Interview Questions

After you apply for jobs at Fred Meyer, there will be an interview set up for you with some of the following questions.

What are your career goals? Answering with truthfulness regarding your career goals can go a long way.  They take care of their employees and encourage growth from within.

What are the qualities of a good customer service rep? The correct answer will determine if you are a good candidate for a position in their company.  Answering with the qualities you think make a good customer service associate such as accountability, friendliness, knowledge, etc., will give a great impression.

What position are you the most interested in? You can mention two positions you are very interested in and why.  Explaining your reasons such as passion for that particular job or your excellent skills that match perfect for what they are looking for are all acceptable answers.

Do you have any food handling experience? While some departments don’t require food handling experience, having some experience will definitely increase the chances of getting hired.  Food handlers experience can range from working at a restaurant or having taken a class.

How important is the role of a cashier? Explaining in your own words why this position is important for the company will allow them to see that you genuinely care about the position and value the importance of it for the company.

Advice for Application Process

There is a large variety of Fred Meyer jobs online in many of their local stores throughout the Northeast.  Candidates must review each job description in order to determine which position your experience and skills level are perfect for. Once you have determined the best possible positions, you can apply online by submitting a direct application for each specific job.  The online application will guide you on what you need to submit.

The Fred Meyer job application online needs to be reviewed by the hiring managers prior to them scheduling an interview.  It is important to submit a resume or your most current employment that matches the skills you need.   You may find many locations offering different positions.  You are encouraged to apply for multiple positions keeping in mind your skills and certifications.

Another way to apply is to get the printable application for Fred Meyer, which you can download application form in one of the links below, and take it directly to any of the stores you have selected. The printable application form will allow you to write which positions you are applying to. This is a free application and can allow you the chance for a potential on site interview if they are available.

Because they receive a large number of applications, sometimes when applying online, it can take a few days to receive a call back for an interview.  It is acceptable to call and inquire regarding the status of your application.  On the day of your interview, arrive a few minutes early and dress in business casual attire.  Always express gratitude for their time and ask as many questions regarding the position you are applying to.

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