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Gabriel Brothers or also known as Gabe’s is a fashion retail store that offers its customers with huge discounts. It is a private-owned company based in West Virginia, USA.

It first opened in 1961 in Morgantown, West Virginia. After 55 years, the company remains a privately-held company with the goal of providing low cost products to its customers.

Gabriel Brothers is currently operating64 stores in over 10 locations in the country. The Rugged Wearhouse stores are also under the management of this company.

Its employees are provided with benefit packages that include medical and dental assistance, paid time off, retirement plans, paid vacations and holidays, and sick leaves.

The company also gives employee discounts and paid trainings. Its workers can develop their skills while earning. Flexible scheduling is also implemented in the company for the employees to spend time with their families.

How old do you have to be to work at Gabriel Brothers?

Applicants who are below 18 years of age are not allowed to apply in Gabriel Brothers. The age requirement will apply to both part-time and full time job positions.

Gabriel Brothers Careers

Retail Sales Associate: This person is responsible for assisting the customers with the products that fit their needs. The retail sales associate performs other duties like restocking products and running the cash registers.

Customer Service Lead: This person helps with hiring and training new employees. The customer service lead ensures that the employees are motivated and passionate enough to work.

Truck Driver: This person is in charge of safely bringing the products to the store. The truck driver ensures that the products brought are products that the company ordered.

Mechanic: This person ensures that the equipment used in the store are functioning properly. The mechanic is mainly responsible for inspecting and repairing these equipment.

The company offers other jobs in its corporate office and distribution centers. These job positions include product delivery leader, customer experience leader, custodian, line lead, and fitting room lead.

Gabriel Brothers Application

For facility and store leadership positions, the applicant must email hisresume to [email protected]. Don’t forget to include the specific department as the subject of the email. For other positions, the applicant can visit the nearest branch to apply personally.

Gabriel Brothersmakes use of online and personal application for its hiring process. Each branch handles all the information of the applicants who wants to work in its store.

The applicant must make a good impression not only to the hiring manager but also to the other employees. Applying personally will give the applicant the opportunity to observe and be familiar with the store.

The resume must be concise and direct to the point. Include only the most important details. The hiring manager does not have the luxury of time to read a two-page resume.

The hiring manager is looking for applicants who are greatly interested and passionate to join their team. Be attentive during the interview and be specific when answering the questions.

Things To Know About Gabriel Brothers

This retail store believes that the people’s needs and wants need not to cost much.High quality products do not necessarily mean a higher price.

In 2016, the company opened a downtown discount grocery store in Uniontown. With the absence of grocery stores in the area, the people were relieved to finally have one operating in their place.

The company is known for offering its customers with a lot of discounts. It has even provided a list of ways to earn bigger discounts through itsUnbelievable Rewards program.

One of the reasons behind the low prices being offered by the company is the reduction of food waste in the distribution cycle. By finding suppliers with huge discounts, the company can provide lower prices to its customers.

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