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Gatti’s Pizza is a pizza buffet chain known for its signature sauce and fresh ingredients. It is a privately-owned restaurant chain that is based mainly in Austin, Texas.

Lt. Colonel James R. Eure, a retired military official, opened a hamburger and pizza restaurant in Stephenville, Texas in 1964. After moving to Austin, he started a pizza restaurant called “The Pizza Place” which later became Gatti’s Pizza.

The restaurant now operates branches in over 140 locations in the Southeastern and Midwestern United States. This franchise has been providing jobs to thousands of individuals for more than half a decade now.

The pizza chain provides its employees with benefits aside from their salary. Some of these benefits are paid time off, healthcare assistance, insurance, and retirement savings plans.

Because of the flexible schedules that the restaurant offers to its employees, they are able to balance their work and personal life. A free buffet is also waiting for applicants who want to join its workforce.

How old do you have to be to work at Gatti’s Pizza?

Gatti’s Pizza has an age requirement for its employees. Both the part-time and full-time job offerings are only available to applicants who are 16 years old and above.

Gatti’s Pizza Careers

Cook: This person is responsible for making the pizzas. The cook must cut and box the pizzas for it to be displayed in the restaurant.

Delivery Driver: This person is in charge of bringing the orders to the customers outside the restaurant. The delivery driver must know how to deal with different customers.

Shift Leader: This person helps in operating the restaurant on a shift by shift basis. The shift leader primarily deals with customer service and food preparation.

Dough Roller: This person measures and weighs the ingredients to make dough. The dough roller ensures that the equipment and ingredients used are clean and safe.

This restaurant chain also offers other entry-level or professional job positions. Some of these jobs are cashier, prep, dishwasher, dining room attendants, general manager, and pizza artists.

Gatti’s Pizza Application

The applicant must create a user profile in the restaurant’s website to apply. Other general information will also be needed to continue with the process.

The restaurant makes use of online application to properly track the applicants of its every branch. The applicant can also personally apply in the nearest local branch.

It is important for the applicant to know how to deal with different kinds of customers since most of the jobs available demand direct interaction with customers.

The resume must be free from grammatical and typographical errors. The hiring manager will most probably disregard an applicant’s resume that is full of errors.

The interview might focus on situational questions about serving or dealing with customers. The applicant must clearly state his answers and the reasons for such answers.

Things To Know About Gatti’s Pizza

Food and fun are the very things that this restaurant offers its customers. It believes that the greatest dining experience is not possible without creating fun memories.

Each branch has different games that the customers can participate in. There are tickets given to the participants and winners of these games. These tickets can be exchanged for prizes.

With the number of branches that this restaurant operates, it is considered a good source of employment for many applicants. Students who wish to have part-time jobs are one of the usual employees of the restaurant.

The restaurant recently took part in CBS Austin’s Holiday Toy Drive. People can drop their new and unwrapped toys at any Gatti’s Pizza store to participate in the activity.

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