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Gloria Jean’s is a mall based retailer of coffee. This North American café has 50 branches around the United States to provide customers with its specialty coffees and excellent service.

It started as a simple coffee and gift shop in Chicago. Gloria Jean Kvetko opened the first store in 1979 with the goal of providing people with high quality coffee. Now, the company has grown to cater to customers in over 39 countries.

With almost a thousand locations worldwide, the company recognizes the huge role that its employees played to reach success. Because of this, the company gives them generous packages for their services.

Its employees get a hold of benefit packages. The benefits usually include retirement plans, healthcare assistance, paid time off, and employee discounts on company’s products.

Aside from these benefits, the company supports its employees by providing a fun work environment where they get paid while enhancing their skills through training programs.

How old do you have to be to work at Gloria Jean’s?

The age requirement for job applicants in Gloria Jean’s is 16 years old or above.

Gloria Jean’s Careers

Barista: This person helps in preparing the customers’ food and drinks. The barista also helps in maintaining the cleanliness of the store.

Team Member: This person assists keeping the store free from dirt. The team member makes sure that there are enough supplies in the store.

General Manager: This person supervises in the operations of the café. The general manager is in charge of hiring and training employees.

Assistant Manager: This person takes over when the general manager is not around. He helps in supervising the employees in their work.

The café also offers other entry-level and professional job positions such as cashier, service crew member, and shift manager. A complete list of job offerings can be found in its website.

Gloria Jean’s Application

It is advisable for an applicant to apply in person. He/she should visit the nearest branch to inquire about the necessary requirements for the available job positions. Application forms can also be filled up in the company’s website.

The company uses both online and personal application. Since the company has a website for almost every country it is located, it is easier for applicants to find information on job offerings.

Personal application lets the applicant interact with the management. In this way, he/she can already leave a good impression by showing confidence and courteousness.

The resume should contain the applicant’s past work experiences related to the work being applied to. If there are no related experiences available then he must highlight his accomplishments in the resume.

The hiring manager must see how eager the applicant is in joining their company. Think of the company every time the hiring manager asks a question. The answer must always benefit the company.

Things to Know About Gloria Jean’s

The company is an eco-friendly establishment, which strongly promotes environmental advocacies. For nine years, it partnered with Rainforest Alliance to support a healthier environment.

This year, Gloria Jean’s announced its plan to open a branch in New Brunswick. The franchise owner claimed that the café is said to exceed Starbucks.

The company is known for supporting the conservation of ecosystems, preservation of forests, assurance of ecological livelihood, and the improvement of farming communities through its programs.

Each coffee it serves to customers contains Rainforest Alliance Certified beans. This means that each purchase helps in ensuring that the farmers get the benefits they deserve.

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