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Georgia Power is a utility company, which provides electricity and energy to its customers in Georgia. It is considered as the largest of the four electric utilities that the Southern Company manages.

It was founded in 1902 as Georgia Railway and Power Company. It succeeded the Atlanta Consolidated Street Railway Company in running streetcars in Atlanta.

About 9000 employees work in the company to provide its 2.4 million customers in the 155 counties of Georgia with electricity and energy services.

Its employees receive benefit packages covering healthcare assistance, tuition assistance, childcare options, paid time off, and retirement plans.

The company motivates its workers through performance-based rewards. Aside from the healthcare assistance, the company also gives discounts on gym memberships to help its employees to stay fit and healthy.

How old do you have to be to work at Georgia Power?

Georgia Power requires all their applicants and employees to be at least 18 years old.

Georgia Power Careers

Meter Mechanic: This person ensures that the meters are free from any defect. He also deals with customers regarding on issues about meter readings.

Customer Service Representative: This person is responsible for answering customer inquiries. He also assists the customer with their transactions.

Accountant: This person performs financial and regulatory reporting on the accounts of the company. The accountant ensures that the accounting practices of the company are in accordance to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

Electrical Engineer: This person is responsible for analysing the electrical power systems of the company. He ensures that the systems meet the company standards.

The company also offers other job opportunities such as corporate communication specialist, employee communications manager, engineer associate, enterprise records and information manager, and external web specialist.

Georgia Power Application

The applicant should visit the website of Southern Company, the parent company of Georgia Power, to apply online. An account is crucial before proceeding with the application. Be sure to fill up all the fields in the application form.

Online application is used by the company for a faster hiring process since it operates in more than a hundred counties. Applicants can also visit the nearest office to apply personally.

The applicant must study the company and the kind of industry it belongs to. It is necessary to increase knowledge about handling different kinds of customers.

Resumes should be free from errors. The hiring manager will not consider a resume full of grammatical or typographical errors. The applicant must proofread it to ensure that all information are organized well.

The applicant should show during the interview how interested he/she is in being part of the company’s workforce. It is useful to state reasons for choosing the company among the other utility companies.

Things to Know About Georgia Power

It is part of the company’s culture to give back to the community through the different programs it created. It encourages people to help the less fortunate by raising awareness and accumulating donations from its customers and employees.

The company took part on the annual celebration of Utilities United against Scams Day last November to help educate the people about utility-related scams.

Since 1985, the company had been encouraging people to help through a program called Project SHARE. Customers can donate one, two, five, or ten dollars of every bill they have to the company’s beneficiaries.

Ever since the start of the program, around $60 million was already donated to the beneficiaries all over Georgia. Project SHARE continues to provide aid with the cooperation of its workers and customers.

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