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Havertys Furniture has been servicing American homes with household furnishings since 1885. It also offers furniture customization, space planning, design recommendations, product delivery and in-house financing. The company allows purchases online, providing access to the latest deals and promotions.

Brothers J.J. Haverty and Michael Haverty founded the company 131 years ago in Atlanta. The brief partnership with Amos Rhodes in 1889 helped during the early operations, but new locations and entry into the stock market led to its strong foothold in the industry.

Since going public in 1929, the company earned a market capitalization of approximately $370 million. This supported the expansion into 120 stores in 20 states. It operates with 3,596 employees focused on providing excellent and affordable furnishings. 

Havertys Furniture provides a comprehensive protection plan for employees. They can also access benefits like complete health insurance, 401(k) thrift plan, wellness program, life, accidental, dismemberment, disability and death insurance and critical illness financial protection. 

The company offers both a financially rewarding and an enriching career. It’s an equal opportunity employer, which provides employment opportunities regardless of gender, religion, race and disability. A great learning experience awaits anyone working with such diversity.

How old do you have to be to work at Havertys Furniture?

Employment opportunities are available for those who are at least 18 years old. With a wide-ranging position – from sales to operations and design, professionals at whatever stage in career have a great chance of enjoying fulfilling career here.

Havertys Furniture Careers

Customer Focused Office Admin Associate – a customer-centered role which results communication and math skills to process orders, receive payments, check invoices and plan deliveries. Knowledge of Microsoft Office for reporting, bank deposits preparation and credit application processing is also necessary.

Office Associate – requires communication and math skills to process orders, receive payments, check invoices and plan deliveries. It also requires interaction with customers by taking calls, resolving complaints and submitting problem tickets.

Display Assistant – requires administrative skills and physical abilities. Tasks include assisting with furniture movements, lighting, placing POP materials, delivering merchandise to parked vehicles, and performing Microsoft applications for inventory reporting.

Network Systems Administrator – requires high technical training in handling data, network and general IT functions. It requires a degree in computer science or any related field and relevant experience in advanced IT systems.

Other employment opportunities available for entry-level applicants are delivery assistant, furniture repair, warehouse material handler, and yard driver. Job availability varies across different locations (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia). Check their site for more information.

Havertys Furniture Application

Prepare your resume and a cover letter. Inquire in store or online about the jobs available that match your skills, strengths and experience. Research about company and its employment benefits to know these are aligned with your career goals.

Havertys Furniture provides a venue online for submitting job application forms. It’s the most preferred way because the application gets sent directly to the HR personnel inbox. As long as your profile remains active, your resume can be accessed anytime.

Filling the application form is the easiest part of the application process. It requires your information to be accurate and complete. It should emphasize the skills, accomplishments and contributions you made during past employment.

Highlight your experiences, knowledge and skills acquired from previous roles. If the job requires certain certifications and aptitude requirements, it’s worth mentioning the seminars, and certifications acquired from past jobs. 

Before the interview, understand the responsibilities of the job and evaluate your qualifications. Explain how being a part of their team will benefit the company and your career. Lastly, check online to follow up on the status of your application.

Things To Know About Havertys Furniture

The company fosters an environment, which encourages learning and growth. Employees receive great incentives for good performance. Havertys Furniture considers its diverse and knowledgeable workforce as valuable in meeting the needs of their millions of customers.

The company continues to grow. During the last quarter of 2015, revenues went up by 43%. Seasonal factors curb hopes of sustaining this growth, but performance in the final quarter of 2016 is expected to be favorable.

Having been in the business for over a century, Havertys is well known in the industry. To maintain the brand recognition, it featured the “Havertys-Tiny House” video on YouTube. This markets the new line of furniture meant for house with a limited space.

The company has a long list of beneficiaries including the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, and American Cancer Foundation. They also take part in sustainability efforts by investing $750,000 in equipment to recycle corrugated metal and Styrofoam.

Application Links 

Company: https://www.havertys.com/furniture 

Careers: https://www.havertys.com/furniture/careers 

Application: https://www.havertys.com/furniture

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