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Today, any person interested in traveling will consider air or road travel.  Road travel has now become easier with car rental companies such as Hertz.  Hertz has allowed for millions of people to reach their preferred destination by renting a vehicle and saving their own car’s miles.  The Hertz job application is required in order to apply for employment.

Hertz began as early as 1918 with a young man of only 22 years old.  He created the first rental car company in the Chicago area and then turned it over to John D. Hertz in 1923.  Since then, the company has adapted to the many needs travelers have now.  You can find their companies all over the world.  Their attention to detail and innovation has been carried into what is now a state of the art world leader in rental transportation.

Starting with only 12 vehicles to use, Hertz now has an immense car selection trying to accommodate all the types of services their customers will need.  They first started as a free standing company now showing up in train stations, air ports, and bus stations.  Their services can be tailored to individuals or corporations as well.  Hertz is the answer for quality services and quality vehicles.

As of 2013, they offer budget style vehicles, luxury performance cars, large vehicles, and more.  They are one of their industry leaders with over 10,300 locations all over the world.  Hertz careers are definitely worth seeking since they have created one of the most reputable brands in the car rental industry.  You may find a Hertz job application online or at one of their onsite stores.

Hertz Careers

As world leaders in their industry, Hertz careers are rewarding in nature as well as path for success.  Employment with this company gives a grand opportunity to learn from the best in the business and grow with a company that believes in having a great passion for what they do while always striving to be innovative and successful.  There are numerous job opportunities at Hertz which require different sets of skills.

Hertz jobs include positions in sales, recruiting, mechanic services, virtual sales and rental, management, trainee programs, drivers, body shop specialist, and more.  As any other corporation, there are other possible opportunities in their corporate department.  These jobs include, account manager, financial advisor, project manager, advertising director, regional and district managers, and more.

Hertz Corporation understands that the company is more valuable with personnel they value and care about.  For this reason, they have included a plethora of benefits tailored for each individual employment and position within the company.  Their benefits package includes all medical insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, retirement plan, vacation, employee discounts, tuition reimbursement, and more.

How old do you have to be to work at Hertz?

Hertz has a minimum age to be considered for employment of 18 years old.  You may find the Hertz offices available for service at different times and varies with locations.  Working for Hertz can be a great decision to improve or start your career.  You can apply for jobs at Hertz online and search for positions available all over the world.

Hertz Job Descriptions

Branch Manager- Trainee- Works together with management to ensure sales quotas are met and implements business to business methods to increase revenue.  Learns the ins and outs of the financial and managerial aspect of the business while providing excellent customer service to clients.  They make an average salary of $10 & $13 an hour.

Instant Return Rep- Accepts vehicles customers are returning at the airport center.  They ensure a quick and positive experience while ensuring the safety and care of the assets.  Reviews all charges with customers and finalizes payment.  Follows company procedures when checking out.  Their hourly salary is between $9 and $12.

Sales Representative- Follows up with current customers and visits potential customers with the intention of resolving the client’s needs.  Meets sales quotas while maintaining good customer relationships.  Ensures customer satisfaction while keeping up with their needs and concerns.  They make approximately $26k a year.

Rental Sales Representative- Assist customers onsite with their requests and needs.  Implements cold calling and business to business visits to ensure sales quotas and customer satisfaction.  Follows up with current clients and develops a positive relationship for ongoing business.  Their base pay starts at $37k plus commission.

Hertz Interview Questions

How would you handle a customer complaint? Being able to calmly resolve a customer’s issue is necessary everywhere you work.  Explain to them of the steps you would take in order to resolve a customer complaint.

Why are you a good fit for our company? This question is the perfect time to highlight your qualifications and skills that make you perfect for this job.  Research the job description and briefly incorporate yourself in it.

Do you have sales experience? Sales experience is a great asset to have.  If you do have experience, highlight the best achievements you have accomplished in your sales careers.  If you don’t have any experience, simply tell them so and that you are completely invested in learning all about sales.

What is your availability? This is a simple question that sometimes is important depending on the positon you are applying to.  Just be specific as to when you are able to work.

Tell us about a time you didn’t know the answer to something. Simple question to answer.  Be specific about a time you found the answer to something either online or simply by asking your supervisor.  They want to know you have the initiative to find answers.

Advice for Application Process

Hertz jobs can be browsed through their job search website.  You can apply for jobs at Hertz directly online or in person.  The Hertz job application must include accurate information as well as the necessary experience needed to qualify.  Each one of the Hertz jobs online details what you need as far as skills go to be considered for the position you are seeking.  Look through their website to find out exactly how to apply for Hertz online.

You are able to call and request a printable application for Hertz through their corporate headquarters.  If you apply online, you will have a clear description of the positions and their locations.  Each free application you submit is reviewed for accuracy and too determine whether you are qualified.  This is why it is important to look through the responsibilities each opening has.

Applications need to clear and contain everything necessary for you to be considered and called in for an interview.  Study the above questions and review the company’s history and detailed job descriptions.  Each interview will consist of questions that will determine if you are a good fit for the company.  Pay attention to the questions and answer honestly.

If you request a printable application form, make sure it is an up to date application and submit a resume with it.  There is not a link that allows you to download application form. Ask the person you are requesting the application form where you need to submit it and with whom you need to speak with to schedule an interview.  Record the locations and person of contact.  Arrive early and dress in business casual.

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