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The music and entertainment industry has gradually grown into an empire that goes through many changes as technology advances.  Fye, which stands for “For Your Entertainment,” is a retail store that caters to all your entertainment needs.  The Fye application will be easily accessible through the careers link under their home website.

Fye offers the opportunity to buy and sell music, videos, movies, electronics, games, books, and more.  Their E-commerce revenue has helped them stay afloat and continue expanding throughout the North East.  Established in 1993, this store has gone through extensive morphing due to the technology advances and new competitors in the industry.

Having acquired several other stores in the industry, FYE has developed into a store that people come to trade, sell, and buy products.  This allows for a large number of people to become regular customers and continue the ongoing business of Fye.  Today, Fye is an extended brand of Trans World Entertainment, which serves in many locations in the 46 states it does business in.

Fye Careers

Fye careers are tailored for those people that are passionate about all aspects of entertainment and love to share their knowledge with customers as recommendations.  The job opportunities one can find when you submit a Fye job application online are in the retail customer service department.  Part time and full time positions available include sales associate, assistant manager, senior assistant manager, general manager, stocker, and more.

The Fye culture is one of a relaxed environment focused on helping people find that treasure they are looking for while providing excellent customer service. Employees are always having a good time and promote the Fye jobs to friends and family since they know it is a career they might enjoy.  The benefits provided to each employee are competitive with each position and include health and retirement plans.

Fye jobs also come with product training and every day coaching to become the best in their industry.  The retail positions are the main ones that you may apply online for since they are the ones that run the show and make the success of the company. Fye believes their industry and company are worth working for that they even have an internship program for sophomores and juniors in college.

How old you have to be to work at Fye?

Because of its fun environment, candidates of 16 are eligible to work at Fye. Their stores operate Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm and Sundays from 12pm to 6pm.  Fye careers also offer the opportunity for internal promotions that can sometimes lead to the corporate levels.  Corporate positions include human resources, project managers, account managers, ecommerce, internet marketing, and more.

Fye Job Descriptions

Sales Associate- Sales associates help customers navigate the store, promote current sales and promotions, makes suggestions on items, and processes sales while providing excellent customer service.  Their hourly pay ranges from $11.75 to $12 an hour.

Assistant Manager- AMs report to the Senior Assistant Manager, Manager, and General Manager.  They help motivate the staff and makes sure that company policies are being followed.  Helps with promotions and sales quotas.  Hourly salary is between $12.75 and $13.75.

Manager- Store managers open and close the stores.  They handle the closing of the books and set up banks for the next day.  Participate in training and motivating of the staff and adheres to company policies.  Provides customer assistance when needed.  Their yearly salary is between $25k and $27k.

General Manager- GMs supervise the day to day operations of each store and helps motivate the management team.  They also do the hiring and training for new employees.  They keep their sales goals and create new ones.  GMs make a yearly salary of $34k to $36k.

Senior Assistant Manager- Senior Assistant Managers are second in command and are in charge when the Manager and General Manager are not available.  They motivate staff, work with staff on promotions and sales, and provides customer service when needed.  SAMs make an hourly wage of $14hr.

Fye Interview Questions

The standard procedure after you submit a Fye application is to then attend an interview prior to being considered for a position.

What is your favorite band and why? When you tell them about your favorite band, you will need to include specific reasons why you like them such as the way they make you feel or how you like their style.  Whatever your reason is, be sure to be honest.

What is your favorite movie genre? It can be anywhere from comedy to horror.  Pick one genre and tell them what your favorite move is and why.  This will show them that you have genuine interest and will be able to sell these products to clients.

Can you sell me this DVD set? They will pick a DVD set and by just looking at it you will need to be able to sell it.  The best way would be to get clues as to what it is even if you don’t know what it is exactly about.  Sound confident when you do this and try not to laugh or seem silly.

What makes you a good fit for the company? Being passionate about books, movies, music, etc. will definitely be a huge plus.  However, being a good sales person or wanting to grow with the company are also adequate answers.

How would you sell a set of speakers? By simply explaining some of its simple features such as wireless connection to smart phones or their small size.  All these qualities will help you be able to mock sell the speakers.

Advice for Application Process

Their career website is very informative and tells you how to apply for Fye online.  There is not a printable application for Fye or a link to download application form.  Since there isn’t a printable application form, you will have to do a specific search in their direct application link for the positon you are seeking.  When you apply for jobs online, the links will tell you in detail the job description and requirements.

The Fye jobs online will be different depending on which local store you are applying to.  Many of the stores will be hiring for different positions.  You may also go in person to the store that is closest to you and request a free application to fill out.  You may even be given an interview right away so be sure to review the interview questions listed above.  You may also submit an online application.

It is important to be able to describe your passion in the music, movie, and entertainment industry since their entire focus is to be able to make connections with people and be able to share other bands or movies that are related to what the customers like.  This is a big plus when conducting your interview.  If you are able to speak passionately about these things, the hiring managers will feel more confident in offering you a position.

Experience in the retail industry is not required.  However, knowledge of genres all over the entertaining world will definitely be required.  They will provide you with any extra training you may need to succeed, yet your own personal spark can go a long way in a successful career with Fye.  The interviews are casual yet you must keep a professional and friendly personality.

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