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Budget Car Rental Application Online


Budget Car Rental, formally known as Budget Rent a Car System, Inc., is a company, which deals with car rentals. It was created to cater to those who have their budgets in mind; hence, the name.

Morris Mirkin founded the company in 1958 by just investing $24,000. It was established with the help of Jules Lederer, a distant relative, who gave Mirkin additional financing.

It currently has more than 2750 locations with around 21,000 employees worldwide. It received Service Excellence awards and “Car Rental Suppliers of the Year”.

Company employees always take advantage of expansions and franchises.  Long-term careers also await those who work for the company. You can experience professional careers and rewards once you become an employee.

Employees love working for Budget Car Rental because it gives them the work-life balance they needed. You will also learn a lot about interacting with customers and fellow employees.

How old do you have to be to work at Budget Car Rental?

Applying for Budget Car Rental is easy. You just need to be at least 18 years old, so you can submit an application for the company.

Budget Car Rental Careers

Vehicle Service Attendant – Vehicle service attendants often perform manual labor i.e. wiping down windows, checking fluid levels and tire pressures, topping off fuel tanks and vacuuming tire interiors.

Vehicle Return Associate – They usually spend their entire shift outdoors. Ideally, they need to have exceptional customer service and fluent English speaking skills. Prepare to work nights, holidays and weekends if you want to apply for this post.

Rental Sales Associate – A rental sales associate helps customers who rented vehicles have a better experience. To add, he also needs to promote and sell additional products for the company.

Lube Technician – A lube technician, or an oil and tire technician, performs basic maintenance on fleet vehicles. He also needs to help tenured mechanics on complex repairs.

Aside from the previously mentioned job posts, positions available for the company include part-time ones, including courtesy bus driver, shuttler driver and turn back coordinator.

Budget Car Rental Application

If you wish to be a part of Budget Car Rental, all you have to do is fill out the application form. You can then submit it online.

You can choose whichever is more convenient for you – whether over the Internet or in person. Either way will be acceptable as long as you provide all the information required.

If you’re applying for marketing, management as well as other corporate posts, you need a high school education plus related experience; otherwise, you will be fine as long as you’re at least 18 years old.

Most jobs require driving licenses. If you’re going for service automobiles, then you need ASE certifications. It also helps to show professional attitudes and the capability to work quickly.

After submitting your application form, expect email confirmation immediately. To expedite the hiring process, you can try calling or sending an email to the branch you have applied for.

Things to Know About Budget Car Rental

The company promotes a positive culture not only for its employees, but also for its clients. It tries its best to provide the best customer service without causing harm to the environment.

It also gives its share for the surroundings. Around half of Budget’s vehicles have a fuel efficiency rating of 28miles/gallon. Their vehicles are known as better environmental performers in comparison to other cars.

Budget also offer gas/electric hybrid cars at their specific locations. This is necessary in coming up with the most efficient fuel options possible.

Aside from fuel efficiency, it also works hard to reduce “carbon footprint” to further help the environment. Vehicles undergo preventive maintenance efforts plus emission inspections not just to keep them well-maintained, but also to ensure their safety.

Application Links

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