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Holland USF is a trucking company that offers next-day delivery services operating in Central, Southwest and Midwest areas of United States. It serves over 12 states and 2 provinces.

It was founded in 1929 in Holland, Michigan and was later on acquired by TNT Ltd. in 1985 and became USF in 1996. In 2005, it became a part of YRC Worldwide (YRCW).

The company has won several awards over the years including the Quest for Quality Award for Performance Excellence and was named as a 2015 Regional Carrier of the Year by Walmart.

Holland USF provides a competitive compensation and benefits package to its employees including flexible schedule, paid time off, medical and life insurance, savings and investment plan, and a 401 (k) retirement plan.

People love working here because the company maintains a stable work environment that presents many opportunities for career advancement, trainings programs, professional growth and competitive pay.

How old do you have to be to work at Holland USF?

All applicants must be 18 years of age or above to be considered eligible for any available position including driver, warehouse, clerk and operations jobs.

Holland USF Careers

Account Executives – They are in charge of handling client transactions particularly in arrangements regarding schedule, route and costs. They are expected to be knowledgeable about company policies and consistently provide excellent customer service.

Operations Supervisors – They are responsible for overseeing the operations in the area assigned to them. They ensure that all processes follow the set schedule within the set budget. They also identify business bottlenecks and recommend solutions to the management.

Dock Workers – They are tasked to load and unload the truck, sort and arrange items and equipment, and consistently execute safety and loss prevention protocols.

Drivers – Their key role is to ensure that the load arrives safely and on time to its destination. They are expected to have previous experience in driving long and large vehicles with complete qualifications and relevant documents.

Other common jobs in this company are: Loss Prevention Associate, Distribution Associate, Delivery Representative, Front Desk Clerk, Logistics Coordinator, Warehouse Maintenance Technician, and Customer Relations Officer.

Holland USF Application

The company hosts an online job portal within its website where jobseekers can conveniently access available positions and requirements as well as the responsibilities for each job.

Applicants are advised to use this online facility instead of applying personally as this is faster and more convenient. They can also create their own use account and use their profile to apply to multiple positions that match their qualifications.

In filling out the application form, it is recommended to use only one email address throughout the whole hiring process to avoid confusion. They should also ensure the correctness and accuracy of provided information before submitting the document.

In writing a resume, it is best to keep it to two pages at most. It is also important to use reverse chronological order to highlight more recent career experiences.

In preparing for the interview, applicants should conduct a research about the company, its culture, values and work environment. They should also be well-equipped with knowledge about the job applied for and the related company operations processes.

Things To Know About Holland USF

The company maintains a culture of high-performance. Its employees are committed to staying true to its promise of reliability. The work environment is centered on being energetic, respectful to each other and hardworking.

Holland USF has recently surpassed its Wheeling Shop six-year safety milestone which proves that the safety measures and protocols implemented by the whole company are indeed effective and efficient.

It is known for being ta highly-reliable on-time trucking service provider especially in Michigan. It has 99.8% rate of damage-free shipment delivery and 0.44% claim ratio.

Holland USF is engaged in several corporate social responsibility initiatives including projects to cut down carbon emissions, fuel efficiency techniques, energy independence as well as fund donations to vulnerable communities.

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Careers: http://www.hollandregional.com/careers/

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