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Holland Board of Public Works is a municipal utility company in Holland, Michigan that provides electrical power, drinking water and wastewater treatment. Among the areas it covers are Park Township and Filmore Township.

Due to the impending need to create a municipal water system, the City of Holland has proposed to fund the project construction in 1883. In 1893, it started providing electrical power services.

Holland Board of Public Works has been recently given the recognition of being among the finalists in the First Annual Governor’s Excellence Awards. It has also received an Environmental Award for its Collaborative Recycling Event.

The company offers a comprehensive remuneration package and benefits including medical insurance, financial assistance, savings plan, and 401(k) retirement plan. It also implements work-life balance strategies to help employees maximize their time for their jobs and their personal lives.

People love working here primarily because Holland Board of Public Works is able to strike a balance between excellent customer service and outstanding employee management. It also presents a wide array of career opportunities within the industry.

How old do you have to be to work at Holland Board of Public Works?

All applicants must be 18 years of age or above to be considered eligible for any available position including electrician, network, maintenance and corporate jobs.

Holland Board Of Public Works Careers

Plant Operators – They are in charge of monitoring and controlling of plant equipment such as pumps, blowers, compressors, and chemical feed systems. They are expected to strictly adhere to safety policies and protocols.

Journeyman Line workers – They are tasked to construct, maintain and troubleshoot electrical lines mainly for street lights. The job requires for workers that has long physical endurance and previous experience as a line worker.

Network Specialists – They are responsible for planning the network layout and framework and propose solutions for bottlenecks. They are expected to be a team player, detail-oriented highly adaptable in a fast-phased working environment.

Customer Service Representatives – They are in charge of attending to question and concerns of clients especially on inquiries about consumption, account balance and policies and protocols. They are expected to be widely knowledgeable about the operations within the establishment.

Other common jobs in this company are: Utility Coordinator, Meter Service Worker, Project Administrator, Electric Distribution Technician, Ground Maintenance Worker, Field Technical Lead and Field Auditor.

Holland Board Of Public Works Application

Applicants can directly apply to the company website where they can also access the list of available positions as well as the job responsibilities and application requirements.

While personal submissions of application and resumes are also accepted, it is advisable that jobseekers use the online job portal as this is faster and more convenient. They can also upload relevant documents within the site.

In filling up the application form, it is important not to skip any required information as this is crucial in the recruitment process. It is highly recommended for applicants to check the accuracy of all provided details before submitting.

Excellent resumes have the following characteristic which jobseekers should use as guidelines: the use of bullets instead of paragraphs, limit to two pages at most, avoid too much styling and variation and limit phrases or sentences to 10 words at most.

To make a good impression during the interview, applicants should show exemplary knowledge and interest about the company and the job by studying the background and history of the establishment and asking relevant questions about the position applied for.

Things To Know About Holland Board Of Public Works

The company maintains a work culture that is centered on its commitment of improving the quality of life by providing excellent service to its customers.

Holland Board of Public Works has recently started a new undertaking as it heads to energy independence. The project involves the doubling of its fuel energy efficiency and cutting down of its carbon emissions.

It is known for its exemplary services throughout the years. This establishment is one of the most successful voters-initiated and municipal-owned utility in the United States.

Holland Board Of Public Works is engaged in various social responsibility programs such as electric vehicle charging stations, renewable energy explorations, wind and solar demonstration and downtown snowmelt among others.

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