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HomeWatch Caregivers is a chain of franchise homecare in the United States that caters to elderly, children, and dementia and after-surgery patients. It is considered as one of the best caregiving companies in the United States.

It was founded in 1980 by Paul Sauer. Today, it is under the management of his daughter Lean Reynolds as Presidents. For over thirty years, the company continues to upload a proven healthcare model.

HomeWatch Caregivers has received several awards and accolades for its exemplary achievements such as being listed in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 ranking #181 and Franchise Business Review Top 50 ranking #10, among others.

This company offers a comprehensive compensation package for its employees. They provide medical and life insurance, paid vacation time, 401k retirement plan, and paid skill enhancement trainings.

People love working here because it keeps a positive environment for both the patients and the employees. They also enjoy the career advancement opportunities while maintaining a work-life balance. 

HomeWatch Caregivers Careers

Elderly Caregivers – They are tasked to provide a high-quality service for elderly patients. The job also involves feeding, administering medication and minor housekeeping work. They should also be able to attend to emergencies whenever necessary.

Child Caregivers – Their main task is to attend to the patient’s primary needs such as feeding, taking medication, bathing and doing recreational activities. They are expected to be knowledgeable about minor behavioral approaches and methods appropriate for children.

After Surgery Caregivers – They are required to be skilled and knowledgeable about surgery after-care. They are also in-charge of communicating with doctors and the family members to report the health situation or progress of the patient.

Dementia Caregivers – They are expected to help create a positive mood that encourages interaction, establish daily routines, and integrate important activities such as check-ups, taking of medication, therapies and family visit.

Other common jobs in this company are: Companion, Behavior Interventionist, Billing Specialist, Patient Access Representative, Resident Care Partner, Customer Care Representative, Insurance Verification Specialist and Franchise Specialist.

Homewatch Caregivers Application

Home Watch hosts a Careers section in its website where jobseekers can browse through available job opportunities that matches their qualifications and preferred location. They can also easily view job descriptions and requirements for each position.

It is recommended to use this online job site instead of applying personally in homecare locations. Jobseekers can create their own account and readily apply.

Applicants can opt to sign up in their email-based job alert. Their sign up details partly serves as an application form and should be filled out completely with all the necessary contact details.

Applicants can upload resumes on the website and it update anytime. In writing a resume, jobseekers are advised to keep it direct to the point. Furthermore, proper formatting, grammar and spelling should always be observed.

For the interview, a thorough research about the history, products and services of the company should be conducted. They should also rehearse answering common interview questions to communicate smoothly and more confidently during the interview itself.

Things To Know About Homewatch Caregivers

HomeWatch maintains its culture of compassion and affection among its patients. Employees are motivated to keep a positive and attitude while providing the best care they can to all patients.

The company as recently expanded its operation, adding more homecare locations in different states. It has also provided new ways for franchise procedures to be more convenient to provide care for more patients in more parts of United States.

HomeWatch is known for the exemplary healthcare service that provides relief and comfort not just for the patients but also to their families. They help preserve health, create good memories and build lasting relationships throughout the decades.

The services offered are deemed as the company’s foremost social responsibility program, reaching thousands of patients every day. Aside from that, HomeWatch also helps the environment by integrating sustainable practices as well as donating funds for the natural disaster victims.

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